Back is my little project to cram a bunch of junk into one place. It will contain things I've worked on for years, some things I'm just starting, and stuff I haven't even thought of yet. You'll eventually find some more serious content once I figure out this web design bit, but for now it's all fun. I'm a busy body, so each you visit you might find something new.

Some stuff that will always be here are pages devoted to RPG's I've been or am in and just about anything related like minis, electronic utilities, reviews and the like. Soon I'll have a section dedicated to the Dangerous Sports Club: US (DSCUS), a small group of fellow friends who like to race soapbox type carts in off-road style races. It's all fun and games until someone gets a scar... but I guess it's still fun after that anyways.

We're now on a new host again after Dogtech failed me. Amazingly, I don't know who it is and have to wait to get billed again or go back through ages of bank statments. *shrug*