Thursday, March 11, 2004

The dangrous sports club is a small but growing group of people dedicated to just going for it no matter what the stakes. Most of us are from Wisconsin, but we have members in Vancouver and Chicago as well. We attempt to reach speeds in devices not safe at any speed, come up with pranks that have no business existing, and in general have a good time.. Some say courage is reaped from foolishness. I say this is also true of ignorance, because if I don't know I'm about to die, hell if I care! I'm having fun!

So far we've manifested ourselves primarily in the founding of the Land Kart scene. We construct things out of trash and spare parts, then race down a large, bumpy, trash-strewn hill all in the name of friendly competitive spirit with a healthy dash of excitement thrown in. We usually wear protective gear, and also usually try to avoid any unfortunate to wander into our path. In general the only people around are disc golfers, and being a pretty cool lot, they usually want to give us the right of way so they can watch. Despite valiant effort, we still only have three racers, though there are four or five who are tempted. Hopefully they quit being lazy and hit the work bench. Ghetto Kart, Nighthawk and Lobster Chops are more than ready for newcomers!

As far as pranks go, the mighty Viking Raid was set aside because of a scheduling conflict with a party we threw. The "Vegas Party" ended up being a great hit, and in most eyes the best party we ever threw. We still lement putting a halt to the viking raid to some degree, but man, that was one hell of a party. My vote is still for the "Titanic Party"... anytime you bolt a ship's wheel to your front porch and try to keep it manned until "she goes down at midnight" has to be a good time. But I digress...

In general, the larger part of our group likes to watch the minority risk their hides for the sake of adventure. That's fine by me.