Land Karting is the sport of kings. Princes yearn for the day they may ride their first Kart down The Great Hill. Until that day they must be patient, for if they even mention the word 'Kart', they may be flogged with lettuce, though cabbage is sometimes substituted.

-Socrates (Untitled Works, 450 BC)


Land Karting was reborn in the cold Spring of 2002, Year of the Horse. After a terribly pathetic Winter with no snow to speak of, Dukie and LA Erik were throwing ideas back and forth about how to sled on grass. Their talk eventually turned to gravity-driven wheeled vehicles, and that's when they told me about it. Dukie and I talked about the possibilities over a few beers, then a few more beers, and it was suddenly a very good idea. Within a week or two we'd setup a temporary workshop in my old esbestos-riddled basement and set to work. We soon turned Manty Chris onto the idea and that summer the racing league was born!

Our races were each coined the "40 500"; 40 for the 40 ouncers the judicial fiat consume to help enhance their judging skills, and 500 because that's what you call a race damn it. We've come up with plenty of legitimate reasons to use 500, but screw off, you don't deserve them. *8)

We've had two 40-500's to date, Chris taking the first one by a rediculous amount of points, and me beating out Chris for first by 1/2 a point the secomd time around. The second one was documented by LA Erik and ended up in the November 2002 issue of Go Racing Magazine, the nation's largest free go-karting magazine.

In 2003 all karts were rebuilt, but never raced against each other since I got married. Ben was my best man, Dukee and Chris were in it, and since I had no time to race, that was pretty much it for that year. This year will be different, and with some new wheels we expect Dukie to put on quite a show, while many expect the second version of the Xtreme Big Wheel (Ghetto Kart) to bury everyone else. We have some prospective new racers, so hopefully we can have a bigger field. Time will tell!