The S-Team is a group of acquaintances who returned to their home town of Devarnish to seek out the cause, and avenge the death of their mutual friend Emil Dorne. Each of them felt they owed him at least that much, and with a common cause, set out together.

In their wanderings they've been joined by other adventurers. Some have signed onto the charter, like Orander Greymere. Others, like Carbuncle and Gareth, traveled with the group for a time before parting ways.

As it stands, the S-Team is a group of about half-a-dozen adventures interested in aiding those in need, doing away with evil, and making a good deal of wealth in the process. With no greater purpose, the band of fellows claims the area South of Devarnish their stomping grounds.

If you're wondering where they get their name, well, ya had to be there!

Oh, and this is a 3rd Edition D&D campaign along the lines of an episodic quest.


Latest Update

August 18, 2004

Well, today is a sad day. The S-Team has been officially dissolved. Ther deeds have not gone unnoticed and have been recorded here for posterity. Eventually I'll write up a summary of what happened to our favorite 'heroes' after the last session we actually played to finish the story off.

We're going to start up another game this fall that should along more classic lines... well, as classic as it could be coming from me. I -was- rather fond of Lost Veluna. It only makes sense to have a more... stable game... after the S-Team with a much clearer story to hold everything together. We'll see how it all turns out!


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March 15, 2004

Ok, the klooge stuff is now in its own page, so we're back to talking about the S-Team. I know we haven't played much this winter, but with Ben moving and all, there has been quite a bit going on. I'm holding off from scheduling another game, but I hope to play in April sometime. I'll keep you posted.

I'm working on putting a forum up for all parts of this site including the S-Team part, and by the time I post this very update the forums will most likely be in place. Be sure to check it out! I'll probably dismantle the yahoo group soon since I've FINALY got our own board.




Alright alright alright! We now have our licenses purchased per my email. Read that for specifics on delivery and payment. It ended up only being $13 each, so that's like 3 beers, right?

I also was awarded my free webspace, so someday soon I'll move this page to www.supergnome.com, and eventually put in a message board and stuff. For now, it's still here but I'm in the process of redoing the on-line gaming section to be more current.

I'm pretty excited about getting us into klooge, and think it'll be a great time. As odd as it may seem, I think it just means we get to game all the more. Cheers to klooge!




Well, here's what's up:

I spoke with the head guy at Klooge and we'll be able to do a custom order for licenses to keep the price down. I kinda figured, but ya never know. I need to get in touch with a few members of the S-Team yet to get a final count on how many we need, but hopefully I can get that done this weekend.

Klooge 2.0 was supposed to be out last weekend, then this weekend, but now they say "soon." I guess this means nothing to you guys, but it's a good thing.

Oh, and you probably noticed I still haven't made an on-line gaming section to this page yet. It's in the works, and hopefully I'll get it done this weekend.

In other news, I registered www.supergnome.com, and will eventually be moving or copying all of this junk over there. I need to get a host yet, but I have my domain finally. Weeeha! Even if I never put the page up, it's worth $15/year to keep it out of the hands of someone else. What can I say, I'm an only child.




Ok, it's just about time I get a seperate on-line portion to this page. I purchased a license for the client and the server so I could do some testing. It's friggen sweet. One quick note, I completely forgot about one mapping program I have, so I added a link and info about Realm Creator or MapX... the mapping program with TWO names. I actually called it interactive dungeon before, then realized what I'd screwed up. I think I have it right this time.




Ok, the ball is rolling. After a bit more thought and research, it looks like we'll be going to Klooge.Werks for our international gaming pleasure. Mmmm, pleasure.... The existing functionality, ease of use, and general coolness leave no alternative. I've ordered and received my own Server version and seperate client version for really getting to know this awesome little java app so I can in turn teach Mr. Geisler the ropes as well. We have two licensing options for players. One is to order a bunch of licenses and pass em out to those who chip in. Then they always have their own client for about $15 or so. The other is to go with a floating license scheme where the servers actually own the client licenses and the clients just log in and are assigned one. Thing is, it costs the same and you have nothing to show for it. We'll get to that crap later.

Eric S. asked me if you could play multiple people on one PC, and the answer is yes you could. More than two would be a bit crowded, but it'd hardly make a difference beyond that. Oh, and it runs on Macs as well, so the less fortunate aren't left out in the cold, fruity desolation plucked from decisions long since sewn. The first archived udate talks about this on-line thingy, and there is a link -->LINK<-- to more indepth info on it all.



2-24-2004 (updated next page around 11pm)

The world is turning. As you may or may not know, Clan Geisler de Madison are moving to gorgeous Vancouver. If this happens to be your first notice, don't feel slighted. They have about 30 days from when he signed on to when he starts (middle of March) so they're super busy. I'll let them share the rest... it's all really cool, though they'll be missed in these here parts, I reccon. *8)

So, this brings us to what I intend to post about. I know this page is for the S-Team, but some of us are in Ben's game. Even those of us who aren't may be interested in this. As our good buddy is moving to fuggin CANADA, just how are we going to game you ask, eh? *8) I'll get to that, but first I have to ramble a bit. [quite a bit now that I'm done... beware! -ed]

My game will probably continue as is, table-top in Madison, etc... We might add Ben in with video conferencing at some point (he doesn't know that), but for now, Kire's watching horses with Thong. Ben will probably start up a game to played strictly on-line, and there may be other random games going on. If we play on-line, there would be minimum setup, no travel, and we could just set aside a few hours here and there to play. Anyways, onto the goods...




Ok, quick update to the update below. The links over there should all be working now. I just copied a bunch of the old content into this page, so it doesn't really match much. I dunno if I'll stick with this particular design or not, as it's a little spacey, but I thought it was pretty cool. Hope you like it!

Well looky here! This is sort of nuts, isn't it... This is very much a work in progress, but it should come along pretty quick. For now, I gotta get it working, so enough chit-chat.




Tuesday, 01-27-04 The Beginning of Humming Maggot Babies

Ah yes... it begins! Ok, I put up a few more chronicles, one yesterday and three today. They aren't complete, so the forward/back arrows in there don't function yet. I probably won't do any updates tomorrow at all, but I have some plans to revamp the page eventually.

Also, I'm running out of time to schedule a game for next month, but I'll email on that soon enough. I guess that's enough for know.


Sunday, 01-25-04 Again, I Post!

Greetings one and all! I picked up a laptop yesterday, so I can work on this beast off-line at work and upload it when I get home. This means that soon you'll have the last THREE chronicles for your reading pleasure. For the few of you who missed the last few games, you'll hear tales of room service and a berserk calzone, Kire's 4th or 5th annoying opponent. I'll update this again when the time comes, but for the... well, for Mr. Meyers probably, you now know it's alive again.


Friday, 07-18-03: Ramble Like You've Never Rambled Before!

First off, I'd like to say, 'Hey, at least it hasn't been a YEAR since my last post!' Let's face it, Summer isn't peak gaming time for us. We tend to save our 8 hour sessions for the dark, cold, soul-crushing winters we have in these parts. Usually it's because of vacations, and often weddings. This summer, I've only had to go to ONE wedding! BUT... and it's a big ole BUT, is that I'm getting married. This means I have to be somewhat useful from time to time, and do a lot of traveling, making phone calls, meeting with people, eating strange food, and being sort of insane in a general sort of way. I wouldn't have it any other way I suppose, but I am a gamer after all. I DO want to game when-ever I can, whether it be running one or playing one, it is a passion of mine. So, I thought it was about high time I at least post here.

Yes, it is another empty post that is just here to exist. It's to let you know I haven't forgot my players, and that my game didn't drop into the dust-heap of Time's forgotten children. I've actually been thinking a good deal about my game, as far as the direction it's been going, finding well-scaled miniature horses (AND FINDING THEM!), trying to iron out some huge rules hurdles we've run into regarding mounted combat, strange feats I've allowed, etc... I like the game I'm running, and more importantly, you guys seem to enjoy it, but it's extremely difficult for me to get what I feel is a good enough grasp of the rules to run what I'd consider a good game because of how rarely we've played the last few times. That's compounded by the fact I hardly ever get to actually play anymore. I've made mistakes by allowing too many strange 3rd party/expansion rules into the game, and that hasn't helped things. My game should start getting back into shape in September, and things should start to straighten up after a couple sessions. Yeah, I know I always complain about the same thing, but it's better than not caring, eh?

I'm sure some of you are curious about Dungeons & Dragons v. 3.5. I was over on Monte's site yesterday and found this review of the newish system. I have absolutely no plans to switch my game over at this time, and can't see ever caring to. We've spent far too much cash for this to be worth it, so poo poo on those assholes. I would've been happy to shell out $20 or even $30 for another book that tidied things up a bit, but $90 for 3 new books WITH THE SAME ART is unacceptable. Screw you, Wizards! Screw you with a red-hot poker!

I'm going to change the House Rules page around a bit, taking out the movement rules, eventually solidifying the XP rules, stuff like that. What I want to do is trim them down as much as possible. The problem is I LOVE to make up my own crap, but we have enough problems with the existing rules to deal with before I start doing that kind of stuff. I think a lot of it stems from going from 2nd Ed. to 3rd Ed., and the game seems to have lost a lot of the grit we were used to. Some things are too tedious, others are too simple, and the feel has totally changed. Ben and I think it's too easy to go negative, then bound back to fight the next round after getting healed up. Do I need a house rule to put a little more fear into the guy with 1 HP left? I dunno, maybe I will, maybe I won't. Point is, I don't want to overcomplicate things with all sorts of rules, but there is a certain feel I'm looking for that just doesn't quite exist in 3rd Ed. It's an ever evolving deal, so I guess we'll have to see what comes of it.

I've also changed the Experience page quite a bit. It's now complete, with Personal, Group, and Bonus XP sections. Speaking of XP, I know I haven't doled out group from last session, though it's coming. *8)

One things that seems to plague most games is not remembering what's going on, and why. That's why we have the journal, the players' folder, all that sort of stuff. Can you guys think of anything else to help with that, or is it not a concern of yours? I think back to the golden days of the Unchained!!! and I NEVER had any idea what was going other than from what we were doing from last session, and that was playing every week or two. Despite that, I still had the BEST time. I think I pay so much attention to this because I'm on the other side of the fence this time. I'm writing up a detailed and lengthy story for you guys to play out, and I forget how easy it is to lose track of what's going on. I think Ben's summary approach for his game is the way to go, filling in on what happened the previous session, and putting into the context of the greater game. So, here goes.

After avenging the death of their good friend Emil Dorne, and gaining some local notoriety, the group decided to make a little cash. They were approached by Baron Althon, a local noble and weapons collector. He gave them information about a lost dwarven stronghold said to hide powerful weapons by master smith, Durgeddon. Deep within the hold, they came upon a black dragon, and after a terrifying fight, slew the beast. In the treasure they found a bag of holding which contained a scroll case. Inside of the case they found a drawing of themselves standing before a large blue/white wall, and also found an ioun stone for each member of the party. They soon found the stones granted them frightening dreams full of cold and pain, but also one very clear dream full of symbols and mystery. They sought out some sage advice, and found one symbol was that of a wizard from almost 300 years ago. He was one of the founding members of Devarnish, but went into seclusion soon after the town was established. They also received a map at this time, apparently depicting Bo'Arden's tower far to the west, hidden deep within the mountains there. With this, they set off to unravel the mystery.

In the previous session, the party licked their wounds after an encounter with the mysterious person who'd been following them around for the last month or so. They've had suspicions of some other force meddling in their affairs since the ambush coming back from Durgeddon's hold in the Stone Tooth. They found some Gnolls outfitted in brand-new armor and weapons, and accompanied by an Ettin with a few kegs of fresh ale. They tracked the ale back to an Inn and found it matched an order purchased by Tavish, an associate of Baron Athlon. They hadn't encountered any direct resistance until a cloaked figure appeared in Aldar's bed chamber in the temple of Pelor in Veluna City. That same cloaked figure turned out to be the dragon tattooed man, Targill Avish, they'd just defeated.

Targill spoke with the party about how he wanted to secure their ioun stones to lift a burden from them, but had to settle for a question and answer round with the group. At its end, he began howling in pain, the deepest agony, as his tattoo pulled from his body and flew off into the distance. The same direction the party is traveling. They were then left with 3 prisoners who gave conflicting reports of the tremendous powers of Targill, and how he was linked to a powerful cult, and had promised them great power and wealth if they did his bidding. The party sent the druid back to Devarnish to turn them into the authorities, then traveled off towards Bo'Arden's tower.

Using the map purchased (at great expense) from the insane sage, they soon found themselves on the borders of an eerie wood. They traveled swiftly along, but were soon set upon by strange beasts with gaping maws, and wolf-like creatures who seemed twisted and tortured. The first group was easily dispatched, but the second was larger and caused more trouble. As a third wave began charging at the S-Team, they decided to try and outrun them, though further from the wood to prevent surprises. It soon became apparent the place was infested with such beasts, and every bush and stone seemed to hide more vile enemies. Eventually the party saw a bridge in the distance, the other side clear of the creatures. Just as their hopes began to rise, bloated, maggot infested creatures lurched out of the water to block their way. Over a dozen of the other things joined them in a loose wall of gnashing teeth and swiping claws. Kire was the first to reach them, spurring his horse beyond it's endurance and bound OVER the things! This shook their ranks, and made passage possible for the rest of the group who only received a couple passing bites and swipes.

They party decided to ride through the night, putting as much distance as possible between them and the other side of the bridge. Eventually, they came upon a gatehouse flanked on either side by walls that blocked this end of the valley. One of its imposing doors lay inside, unhinged by some great force some seasons ago, so they entered and found a dramatic valley of waterfalls, cliffs, mighty peaks, and the tower floating in its middle. A deep hum emanates from it, and occasionally tremendous bolts of lightning shoot out from a large crystal at its peak, zapping any birds flying too near. The only visible means of reaching the tower is a long crystal bridge reaching from one rim of the valley out to the tower itself. A chunk of the bridge has apparently been knocked out leaving a gap that must somehow be crossed, though the bridge is a few hours travel away from the gatehouse.

The group decided to hold up in the gatehouse for some much needed rest, but thought it a good idea to explore a bit first. Almost immediately Kire stumbled upon a chest, and bent low to examine it. Curiously, his hand became stuck fast to the thing, which suddenly sprouted two arms, and a gaping mouth filled with teeth! It began to beat the crap out of him, until it finally tried to scurry away, but was put down by the unrelenting might of the S-Team! With that, the group decided to stop exploring and hold up in the room for the evening.

That should bring you up to speed with the greater story, I hope. That's it for now.


Thursday, 04-17-03

I put the latest player handout up on the Player Handouts page.


Tuesday, 04-15-03

Ah, sweet tax day. I was going to mail out that crap yesterday, but completely forgot, so I have to skip out of the first half of my VB class to get that done. Ah well.

So, I've added some sections and "features" to the site. If you go to the House Rules section, you'll find a new section for XP. I listed the different ways to get bonus XP, and will soon have the guidelines I use for handing out personal. I also started tacking on the Group XP to the end of the chronicles for later reference. It's kind of a half-assed way to record it, but I didn't know where to stick an entire page about it, so this is what we have.

For our next game, I'm thinking May 17th. I have to check our calendar at home since school isn't almost over and it'll get all different, but I think that should work regardless of any changes. If it doesn't matter, I might push it back another week so Chris can get back in the action.

Last time I left out frivolous XP, I was severely reprimanded by Max. So, as to avoid trouble, anyone emailing the list with "This greedy mofo will turn tricks for XP!" gets 75xp!


Friday, 04-11-03

Hey, only took me a week to get the new chronicle up! In honor of this achievement, you all get 50xp without having to do anythign at all! I've called it Borders to the Unknown, since it started at the Borders and you're now off into the Unknown. Ooo, how tricky of me! *8P I added a summary of the battle, thought I'll probably edit that later. I forgot to mention Qwand holding off 2 bad guys by firing a quarrel every other round form the safety of his bush.

I didn't get on this early enough, but I might append this paragraph. I don't have the XP bonus page listing all the ways to get extra XP. Check back later!

One thing that got me last game was that the horses weren't represented on the mat at all. I've been looking high and low for those plastic farm animals in a bag you used to get at Copps when you were a kid. (ok, so you COULD have... I didn't either) They're about the right scale, and CHEAP! If you guys spot em somewhere and they're -close- to scale, pick some up for me and I'll reimburse you and give you 250xp.


Thursday, 04-03-03

I'm getting worse and worse at these updates. First off, I'd like to welcome Phil to the group. We're not quite sure what he's going to play yet, but are currently kicking around some ideas. I'll bring him up to speed on how to get all that handy bonus XP.

Speaking of bonus XP, I'll have to put a page up within the house rules listing all of the different crap you guys can do to make a little extra on the side. There's the personal character journals, getting a mini for your character, doing the character description, etc... It'd be nice to have it all in one place for the sake of ease.

So, our next game is this Saturday (4-5-3), 6pm @ Ben's. Looks like we'll have Ben, Brian, Dukee, Max, and Phil causing damage and chaos in the world of Greyhawk. In the meantime, you might want to make a quick stop in the chronicle section to brush up on the zaniness of last session. Beware the poisonous snakes!

Orander will be painted, as promised, so the battles'll look even more sweet. I choose to use an ivory and pink color scheme to make him seem more friendly. Ok, I didn't. *8)

Oh yeah, there's a poll up about allowing monster characters for backups. Please take a minute to cast your vote. Also, I'd like you guys to put a little thought to an actual charter of sorts for the group to guide your conduct, treasure splitting, etc. I just think it'd be handy in case of death/dismemberment, and scoring big on the wheel of fortune.


Friday, 02-28-03

Three weeks... three loooong weeks... I haven't painted anything, worked on anything, announced much... I'm slipping. *8)

Our Next game should be March 22nd. That's a long time in between sessions, but it was just getting some of us in trouble playing as often as we were, so I've decided to delay one session. I hope to play as much as we're comfortably able, but no sense in burning us out.

I've posted the last chronicle entitled "Lost Veluna". I hope you enjoy it... I know I did.

I dunno about you guys, but this Winter bs is really getting to me. At first it was kind of nice to be cozied away indoors while nature was trying to get at me. It gave me all sorts of time to work on this game, play on the computer, paint dozens of minis, and that sort of thing. I was personally, quite productive for a few months, but that's it, I'm on strike! Give me some 55 degree weather again so I can go for a ride or something. And make sure there's no snow to melt and ruin a chance to ride... sons a bitches! SONS A BITCHES! Hmmm, anyone see any marbles rolling around?

25xp to anyone who mails the list with "Ooo! A marble!". You can each get that valuable prize once.

To further prove how bored, yet lazy I am, I'm currently sporting a very sparse, blonde goatee. See, it's so much easier just to shave my cheeks and skip that... terrain... betwixt my nose and chin. Hmmm, please, send me those marbles quickly.


Friday, 02-07-03

Here we are again... another lovely Friday in icey Wisconsin. What better time of the year than to sit in a sweltering basement with dice in one hand and a tasty beverage in the other!

First things first, the game is on for tomorrow, [6pm edit] @ Ben's. If you have pants with legs that zip off to reveal your pasty white legs, they do wonders for comfort. I think I've said more than enough about that.

Seconds things... second I guess. I've updated the house rules some, so feast your eyes on those babies. I took out some, altered others, and added the Action Dice in there. It may be the first useful house rule!

Diminishing returns: First person to mail the group with "I hit him with my FACE!" gets 100xp! A second person may mail "I stop him with my FIST!" and get 75xp! A third person can send "You BASTARD! gets 50xp!

I was thinking of adding a little Tweener Fiction page about what goes on in the game when nobody's looking. It might help fill in gaps, explain some things, recap things, whatever... On a similar note, I was thinking of opening up something like that for you guys. I obviously like to encourage character development, and thought it might be fun to allow XP rewards for personal journals. Each character sees their experiences differently, and has their own interpretations of what things mean, how they effect them, and so on... If you guys want to write personal journals covering the gaming sessions, I'll give you 100xp per paragraph, up to 500. That's per session. I'll give you 100 total for anything you write up about past sessions, but from this point on, the 100xp/paragraph of the last session is the rule. I'll link any journals directly off of the character's profile page. This is a zero obligation type of deal, but I thought it might put a little more meat on the bones of this game.


Thursday, 01-30-03

For Jebus Crimeny, it's been 21 days since I updated this place. To get things started, 50 XP to anyone other than Ben to email the list with "How many attacks did he just get?" Now that that's out of the way...

A distant rumbling rolls over you... hmmm, must not be all that distant. A screw it, we're on the cusp of an entirely new section of this page. You may have notice the latest in high-tech graphics proclaiming "New!" over on the sidebar. In no time at all, Ben and I will produce reviews of various local gaming stores. Why? Geeze, if you have to ask I'm not going to waste my time explaining it to you. "So, just HOW can you REVIEW a store?" you may ask? Well, a number of things jump into my head at that silly question. Variety and quantity of stock, hominess/scariness, salesmen/gamers, Stink-O-Meter (tm), as well as the averages Ben and I both get on the d20's we'll purchase at each store. Yeah, it's more of a waste of time than anything, but the recon portion of it will be most fun, and possibly very informative.

So, how many stores are there around this town? Apparently 7! Who knew? We're both pretty excited about checking them out, but chances are, most will be duds. I can smell them already... BTW, one of our favorite stores (Pegasus of course) stinks like hell every Thursday because of 5096 people cramming into their 500 square foot store to play Magic. I'll put up a good disclaimer on the "reviews" page to cover such things. *8)

As for some game related schtuff, the S-Team bungles on again next weekend (2-8-03, 4pm) at Ben's. Be there or be DEAD! Another note is that I'm allowing Ben to use the alternate Bard class per the Book of Eldritch Might 2 from our friend Monte Cook. We've come across the class, but Ben just needs to order the book and we're good to go. His is sort of a special case because of how 3rd Ed dicked over bards, but as always I'm very willing to allow EXCEPTIONALLY BALANCED stuff into the game. The new bard is much more of its own class than the regular 3rd ed bard. I could go on and on about that, but I won't. We're giving it a go on a trial basis to see how well it integrates, but it looks like it should be fine.


Thursday, 01-09-03

First off, 50 XP to the first person to email our beloved email list with the message and subject "I win, you lose." *8)

I've added a fascinating link to our Links and House Rules sections. It's to this Netbook of Feats, which has about 500 to choose from. I was going to buy a book with 1000 feats in it, but it uses these in there and, damn it, I can print this out free! If you want me to print you a copy for some reason, let me know. It'll about $5 or so. I might still buy that book, but it's $35!!!! What else is new... hmmm. I've been doing some general futzing with the page, but nothing fancy. I'm really excited about Saturday, so we'll have to see IF YOU SURVIVE!!!! *8)


Friday, 01-03-03

Congratz to Brian for winning the 50XP from last week's update. I'll probably do that pretty often in different parts of this page. I won't ever hide it in a chronicle or anything, but this page has a number of nooks and crannies in which to hide it. *8) [edit] In retrospect, I think I'll probably either just list it right here, or note that I've added an Easter Egg somewhere in the page with an XP reward to whoever finds it.

Our next game is Saturday, January 11th @ 4PM @ Ben's. That is 4PM for those of you who didn't notice it said 4PM. We're going to start off with a quick once-over of the house rules and such, and I want to talk about the chronicles a little bit. Then we're going to game til we drop. I know we all love going out and stuff, but I don't want any alterior motives hanging over our heads while we're spending our 6+ hours a month (or 2 or 3) playing the game. That doesn't mean we wont' go out, because I do sometimes burn out, but I'm getting more and more comfortable running this game and am excited to watch you guys go through it.

As I've said far too many times before (sorry, I like to write! *8), 500XP are available for those who bring a mini for their character to the game. If you want to bring an unpainted one, I'll paint it for ya if you trust me. This coupon good til 2894 AD.

Oh, in other news, Ben and I have discovered some very cool looking books; Ultimate Feats and Ultimate Prestige Classes. I haven't had a chance to really look at them, but the reviews I've found are very positive. I'm trying to find PDF versions of them so I can give em a good look before I shell out $35 on a book. For anyone out there who wants to bitch because I'm getting pdfs of this material, you can't bring a pdf to the table. And no, it's not really practical to print out a 250 page book when you could have the beautiful hardcover, but I digress... I may have one of the books at the table next week if it's worth it.

Friday, 12-27-2002

Well, here I am again. I know nobody reads this. Check this out, 50XP to the first person who emails either myself or the group with the message, "The rooster crows at midnight." Yeah, it's only 50, but it's just an email. *8) Anyways, the Unchained Chronicles are "completed", with the addition of chapters 14, 15, 19, 20, and 21. I'm positive there are other chronicles out there floating around, but the chances of ever putting those down is slim. If we find em, I'll type em. Not much is happening on the S-Team front unfortunately. If it's not weddings, it's stinking holidays. Bah, humbug! It's been two damned months since I ran the game and I'm getting antsy. What a price to pay for two hollow-days... One about being thankful for the Native Americans for keeping some holy roller pilgrims from starving, and being thankful they didn't suspect that in the future those pilgrims' descendants would be doing their darndest to smite the native americans' descendants. The other one, a day chosen to celebrate the birth of some dude, but the date has nothing to do with his stinking birth! What a buncha hooey! Man, I wish I was some borderless government or political group that trumped about a billion fools into thinking I represent something spiritual so I can bilk them out of their money and souls, and also steal other culture's holidays and twist them in order to recruit more hapless victims by turning their own holidays against them.... Does this make any sense anymore? Jesus... I need a pill.


Weds, 11-27-2002

Gobble Gobble! Well, would'ya looky here! New Stuff! Alright, we have a new chronicle from our latest game, PLUS we have the missing one from the bachelor party. Ahh... what a read. I also have all of the profiles posted except for Lucian and Carbuncle, though Jason did mail me Lucian's background. We have a new house rule for crazy crits and arrow stickage, so that might be worth a read as well. Hope you all have a safe and fattening holiday!


Thursday, 10-31-2002

In my neverending search for more coolness, I found an excellent feat list for us. It's not our official list or anything, but it does have tons of goodies. Check the house rules page. I'm going to dig up a complete 3E list if I can, but this will do for now.


Tuesday, 10-29-2002

Ok, here's what's new. I've added the terrain section with pics and a rough how-to. The Unchained! Chronicles are in place complete with back/forward buttons. The S-Team Chronicles have buttons too for your browsing pleasure. Max was kind enough to supply me with Aldar's background, so I typed that up and it is now in place. There are also some format changes, but I can't remember everything I've done since last Tuesday. Poke around