Chapter 13


The UNCHAINED Reunion Tour

Melqualm returns from forest w/ 4 mules / lovetoys. Callia is suddenly proficient in the horsey flail. Play w/ pencils for a couple minutes. Callia then heals Melqualm. Sudden burst of uncontrollable healing ensues. *8) Ophir, Dink and Alic wander of together…hmmmmm.

We leave the compound. The elves meet us and lead us to the “Grugach” (leader (James Earl Jonesenwood told us). Mendar Phlips!! Something said about “our Fate” being decided. We get to the village. They are please & we are The UNCHAINED!! Clap, Rub Rub! We invite them to Do Battle with the Goblins . Ben tries to do an “Empathy” thing, but gets Busted.

Melqualm tries his hand at diplomacy but fails badly. Elves escort the group back to the barbarians. Gunthor tells a little story. Mendar gets beat w/sticks and drinks a lot. Group votes to move or fight. Group decides to leave. Melqualm beats up / gets beat up by a barbarian.

Awakened by shouts “Hey, we’re gonna go fight – Holy Fuck!” Sunrise. Huge Storm Clouds, windy. We see an old guy on a hill with a cool staff. “This Storm is not natural” says old guy. Mendar, “So what are you saying?” Old guy tells Xymox and some others that now that 2 gem stones are around, others seek them. We leave.

Mendar performs ritual (call lightning). Unleashes powers he has no control of - has to unleash lightning every fuckin minute.

Chris - “Guys, we better go now!” BOOM!

Mendar destroys many goblins on the way with his lightening.

We talk as we ride. Eltar and Xymox came to the hypothesis that this may be

1: a big diversion to prevent us from stopping Vethor


2: a massive campaign aimed south at Waterdeep.

Mendar’s lightening stays once we get to foothills. Eltar complains that his hair is being messed up and Melqualm gets cranky. Eltar and Melqualm argue about whether we should pass through crevice or not. Will it be an ambush?

The party travels on with Xymox using his heightened senses at a widening in the crevasse. Xymox smells “wet dog.” The party falls into a 2-wide configuration, taking advantage of the wider passage.

The party breaks into a song and dance number…..

Suddenly the baying of wolves breaks the steady pounding of the rain. No one was surprised! Battle ensues…

Goblin riders begin to spill out from the canyon ahead of us. Zath knocks a goblin from his mount the moment he sees it. The limp body falls into the mud...lifeless. Eltar of Sune “holds” two goblins, one of which falls to the ground, the other remains mounted but his eyes widen in terror! The goblin riders surround the most fearsome opponents they could have ever imagined. Melqualm parries a warg’s bite with his shield. Then Xymox takes control of a goblin’s body while Mendar casts prayer on the party. Melqualm, perturbed by the warg’s puny attack strikes his ass. Suddenly rocks begin to rain down along the edge of the cliff. Cliff is 80 feet. Xymox takes control of the evil doggy near Melqualm. Zath imparts gracious damage upon a wily goblin. Mendar takes a nibble from a warg, 2 wargs + 3 goblins miss Melqualm. Many Goblin Commandos erupt from a rock chimney and surround Xymox who promptly grows tusks, a trunk, and the feet of an AFRICAN elephant. Zath’s horse bolts with him still mounted

Chuck D got Bit in the ass, Eltar misses again. God yells at us for going too slow. Eltar Swings & Crushes one. The Xyphelant kills 2 Goblins. Mendar, cursing fate, cannot fall a viscous Warg. Mel kills a big fat hairy warg. Goblins do light damage.

Eltar kills a fleeing Warg (though Zath did a lot of the work). Xyphelant kills a Bugbear. Callia hits Bugbear Screaming “Get away from my boyfriend!” Eltar has taught her well. Melqualm couldn’t hit a Leviathan’s flank with a barn door. The Xyphelant gets hit a few times. Mendar’s horse is taken from the fight. Dead Horse flesh everywhere.


Two Goblins were arguing in the middle of the field… “

“Let’s attack the little mage!”

“No. He just turned into an elephant!”

“Oh…The big guy (Melqualm) is too Ugly.”

“Who should we attack?”

“I don’t know”

“Rock Paper Scissors?”


“Rock” vs. “Rock” -- “Damn, do it again!”

“Rock” vs. “Rock” -- “I don’t get this game.”


Xylephant kills a goblin. Mendar Our Druid of Rygar, Tries to charm a warg. Eltar Screams about a Bugbear trying to harm the Beautiful Callia, and slays sit!! Callia hits a Goblin. Mendar fails mounting a warg. Nearly everyone misses. Xylephant kills 2 more. Melqualm hacks through the wargs.

(back to the Goblins)

“We should leave now.”

Xylephant tramples a poor little goblin. Callia’s Horse is bleeding to death, unconscious.

(Xymox to himself)

NaNaNaNaNaNa I found my new attack form!!

Mendar HIT! Goblins / Bugbears / wargs / etc… take off.

Mendar still in berserk rage chases them for rounds and rounds to come. Everyone but the bugbears get away from him. Mendar fights them as Melqualm blocks them in. Mendar kills them both then chases Melqualm back to camp. Melqualm parry’s the big Macho priest of “errrr Tempus I must fight, I must fight, I must fight” for a while. But then Mendar scores a big hit and makes a critical putting Melqualm in bad shape. Mendar does it again.

Melqualm, after taking 3 damage the entire battle, is reduces to 3 for helping Mendar not die in his berserker rage.

After much healing of horses + party, we tie up a Goblin. After questioning (In Kobold) yields naught, Mendar decides to cleave the little bastard. The Goblin becomes much more cooperative suddenly.

He was under a goblin chief who was in the service of a wizard owning a “Magic Eye.” The party, pleased with his answers, tie his stinky ass up, blindfold him, and saddlebag him over a horse.

The party travels on at a pace hindered nearly in half by wounded horses. After the remainder of the day the party clears the crevasse and Rests.