Sheboyganorama II


Dink drops from his vicious damage. (9 pts.)

Xymox checks alcoves for hidden nastiness.

Dink may have a disease of some sort.

Eltar to dink, “Don’t touch me.”

Xymox finds a small gem engraved with a rune.

Dink tries to grab it.

Complains about his impeding doom after he fails.

Eltar gets gem and puts it in party treasure.

One alcove has bug infestd clothes.

Gunter pretends he’s a mummy.

Mendar tackles him.

There is a ring, plain,k gold in the last alcove.

Melqualm walks around aimlessly with a ring on his dagger, then on the meaty pinky of his left hadn.

“The bigger monsters are usually downstairs.” -Mendar

Xymox shouts “Ok everyone, check out the walls!”

Dink goes downstairs.

Group checks out the room and finds nutin.

“Hey! Where is Dink?”

Oh no! Mendar imagines much money disappearing.

Mendar goes downstairs while the rest of the party checks out a secret door Melqualm found.

They soon are swept up in a river of snakes.

Xymox sidesteps a lunging snake. Eltar, momentarily awed by a snake’s neck growing in size, gets spit at, but he is saved by his helm.

Xymox floats above the sea of snakes.

Mlelqualm is constricted and bitten by a GIANT snake.

Could this be the end of the UNCHAINED???!!!

More snakes spill forth.

Melqualm tries to saw and bite his way to freedom!

Xymox attempts to close the door, and partially succeeded, but some snakes continued to pour forth.

Melqualm slugs his snake.

Eltar sends his falcon (Armon) in to attack.

Melqualm envisions the snake using his long sword as a toothpick.

Callia is bitten again while Gunter pretends to be a snake.

Xymox attempts to disintegrate Melqualm’s snake.

Xymox is confused.

Callisa is bitten and poisoned.

Benapt is bitton in the head, falls to the floor, then is constricted.

In probably one o our last acts of desperation, Xymox controls the body of Melqualm’s snake, allowing Melqualm ot burst free!!

The falcon gets a “Boba Fett!? Where?!” on an unsuspecting snake.

“OOH! Wait a minute! I haven’t started attacking yet!” -Jerry

Callia gets bitten again!

“Why coulnd’t I just be a simple mage.” -Xymox

Lots of snakes attack.

Xymox levitating, Eltar and Melqualm still stand.

Melqualm closes the door!

Constrictors fight over Benapt.

Melqualm gets trapped in the wrapping ?ail? of the giant snake again!

Xymox deactivates levitate and feather falls while using wand to shoot missles at snake.

Mendar comes rushingi to ascene of horror and drops backpack, then spies around and sucks.

“Will this be the end of the Unchained?”

Eltar gets hit! (first time this combat)

The battle continues…

Xymox drops one, Eltar breaks free…

Melqualm goes unconscious!! Ahg!!!

Eltar joins the constructed club.

Callias yees roll back in her head and she falls to the ground.

Xymox, attempting a full on “John Woo,” now has a wand of magic missiles in one hand, and a wand of light in the other. Xymox blinds the constrictor on Eltar.

“Snakes… Why’d it have to be snakes? Why not some good ‘ole fashioned zombies?” –Eltar, constrictee

Dink arrives! The voice of Tempus rings in Mendar’s ears, “No, trust me! Attack that one!”

Dink hits Eltar’s snake, hits him, but also hits Eltar.

Mendar is bitten, but not poisoned (Which Jerry says is save or die).

Xymox magic missiles a snake twice.

Selek and Dink continue to pelt the serpants.

One of the “good” poisonous snakes makes like.. snake and slithers away.

Mendar is bitten again, but rolls a “LUCKY 12” (was 1, but rolled). Eltar is freed, but his wound starts “acting up.”

Could this be the end of the ends of the UNCHAINED?

Xymox uses a combination of run, jump, levitate to reach Melqualm.. and succeedes!

Selek kills a snake, then turns to bandage Callia.

Dink breaks the jaw of a constrictor, scaring it from battle.

Mendar kills the “bad” poisonous snake.

More battle ensues…

Xymox bandages Melqualm.

Eltar takes even more damage.

Mendar hits! And kills it! Only one left!

Mendar and Dink save the day. ???!!!

Eltar falls again, this time for good. The leader of the Unchained has fallen.

There was a profound sense of loss.