The Post Apocalyptic Beach: Spring Break '95

The Post Apocalyptic Beach:
We return to Sword Keep and meet Ophir camping by the gate with a high elf
Ariendor, and heard tale from Ophir of his side-adventures.
Healed up and left for Baldur’s Gate.
Dink loses his mind.
Travel on and come across a slaughter, get attacked by a blond haired man and some dwarves.
Mendar and Xymox followed the bond-haired guy while the rest of the party fought the dwarves.
Mendar falls in a sinkhole following after the blond guy, he gets attacked by a bear and goes unconscious. Xymox starts a dwarf on fire for some light and helps Mendar out. Eltar casts Dust Devil which ensues in battle with the bear.
Bear wins.
Zath and Dink sneak in the lair and battle with dwarf, gnome and blondie
The enemies run, Zath and Dink chase them.