The Rowboat of Doooommmm…

Before 6-16-95

The Rowboat of Doooommmm…. (Undated Chronicle, sometime before 6/16/95)
As we fled from the sunken Water Fox in our row boat we had no idea the trip would take four days. Perhaps we got lost as my own rowing couldn’t match Eltar’s. Whatever the case, we were at least thankful that we were not in the Spectral Hand, which was being chased by the largest turtles I’ve ever seen.

The first day of our travels was rather slow and Eltar and I had a good chance to discuss theology while Mendar recovered. Then it began torain.

What worse could happen on this trip> It’s the next day and Mendar is feeling better and the worst must be behind us. With Mendar feeling strong enough to row, this gives me time to reflect on the nature of my powers and the destruction they can possibly cause.

Meanwhile, Mendar and Eltar and I discuss religion. As they try to convert me to diametrically opposing religions I wonder how thy can possibly be friends. Somehow we have all been able to look past our differences and bind together to make it to Waterdeep and the rest of THE UNCHAINED….

(After 4 days) We reach shore at a particularly good spot to avoid climbing the rock face of the coast. After we thank the gods we have reached land and attempt claiming it for Spain (whatever that is), we proceed up the coast, setting up camps, chatting about the horrible weather andgenerally traveling. Mendar attempts to befriend a pack of jackals. ??? But succeeds in finding us some scrub to sleep in. Incidentally, the jackal was from New York.

At an unforseen lull in the game ?! we come upon, or some giant beetles come upon us. We would later learn them referred to as ankhegs. They surprise Eltar and he is spit at, clamped and whatever else big mean beetle things do. Mendar goes berserk and enters melee with a big, big, big bug while Eltar casts an Aid spell to assist us. I protect myself with an invisible barrier and later am forced to disintegrate the head of one of these things. I attempt to control the thing but his strength is greather than my will. Eltar begins fighting with a two handed style as Mendar continues going nuts and having a good deal more success than he usually has. Mendar kills our 2nd ankheg as Eltar falls. At this point we would have attended to Eltar if Mendar had not been possessed by his berserk rage. So Eltar died while Mendar and Xymox fooled around.

He chased me and we eventurally had a boxing vs. spear match of which Mendar hit once and missed twice, and I parried once. Mendar collapses. I rush to Eltar but he is already dead. Xymox verbally abuses Mendar for not telling us what happens when he can’t battle anymore but “Tempus” thinks he should. Anyway, there is a heart-choked moment of silence and reverence between Mendar and Xymox.

We recall Eltar’s father, who was seen in Waterdeep at the temple of Deneir so we hurriedly travel on to Waterdeep with a dead body in hopes that Eltar’s father has the resources to bring his son back from the dead. It all seems a litle fishy to me. We meet Jhastar who takes us to a halfling village where there happens to be a tornado coming. We stay in some halfing farmer’s barn basement and then go to Daggerford to fetch help for the halflings and to get ourselves some actual horses (full-sized). We reach Daggerford, sit around for 2 hours waiting for a guard to come with volunteers. Mendar and I pay them each 2 gold.

FINALLY, after a 3 day forced ride we come to the City of Splendors and rush towards the Temple of Deneir only to find that Eltar’s father left for Silverymoon 5 years ago. In any case, the priestess of Deneir offers to raise Eltar for a measly 2000 gp and a show of good will. Xymox says he’ll become a priest of Deneir to save his friend Eltar’s life. Now we are in the City of Splendors, and we are all broke, have a slight religeous problem but w’re all alive, and have 2 horses to boot.