Chapter 6


. . . Dink, Zath, and Ophir desperately separated from the others are escaping from the mindless minions of the deep pursuing the pirate vessel they overtook. Ophir is unconscious and Zath and Dink just wander around the ship. Dink failed to pick pockets and pouted and asked a sailor, “Is the world flat?” then said “It really was an octagon.” The turtles slowly drift away. Then the problem of ½ the crew being with Lannigan and the other ½ being pirates. Since Lannigan sort of won, he took control. The good guys called a meeting with each other and decided to and how to divide the pirate booty. Zath got the pirate captain’s coolass bitch’n sword. Dink disarmed a trap on a chest. In another chest Dink found a talking short sword named Macklefracksus. The sword made a passenger laugh really hard for a long time and it was disturbing. Dink talked everyone into giving us ¼ of the booty. Then we moved downstairs to let papa Nachtwey sleep.

Next day. . . Ophir wakes up. Captain Lannigan decided to keep the talking sword and sell it in Waterdeep. Jerry explained role-playing to Angelia. Dink caught trying to steal a purse, but no one knew it was him. Zath asks Ophir what it’s like to be an elf. Interesting conversation ensues.

4 days later: Waterdeep, 100,000 citizens. Dink tried stealing Macklefracksus and got caught. The sword made a hippogriff overhead say, “Leave the halfling alone!” Everyone looked up and Dink laughed and ran. He disappeared into the crowd. The sword talked Dink into starting a fish fight, so he threw a fish at a blind man. A vendor with a hook and another with a huge fish started to chase Dink, but the sword stopped the pursuers.

Zath and Ophir went to look for Blackstaff’s Tower.

Zath and Ophir arrive at Blackstaff’s Tower and are directed to Prespo’s villa. They talk to Prespos, and he told them of Protacticus, and expert who could be more help because Prespos really didn’t know.

Dink does the same.

Protacticus, sage for hire, said one month to research the sapphires. Then we took Dink’s sword to Blackstaff’s tower. Maliantor took the sword from us and gave directions for a tutor. Then we set off to find an inn. Staying at the Pilgrim’s Rest Inn.

Ophir moved in with Glyross, his mage mentor. Dink began studying swordsmanship under Blandar the Fat. Zath’s going shopping.