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Have fun reading years of adventuring from a bunch of freaks and their badgers!

This is a game started somewhere in the early 1990's (91 or 92 because of Robin Hood) but we didn't start recording chronicles until after we were out of high school. I thought I had the character sheets on-line someplace, but can't find them. Here's what I remember:


Dinkapelo Corposticus - Halfling Thief played by Jason.

Dutch - Mendar's Badger

Eltar of Sune - Human Priest played by Brian.

Gunther - Crazy Dwarf NPC'd by Jerry.

Jesus Christ - Human Outlaw played by me. (retired)

Melqualm - Half-Elf Fighter played by me.

Mendar - Human Priest of war played by Chris.

Suleen - Wizard played by Dan.

Xymox - Human Psionicist played by Ben.




















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