Chapter 1: After The Battle

8 – 15 – 94

After the battle – Xymox’s brother (Xylum) a lizard man
Captian is pissed –
Mendar hosts a ceremony for the sailors burns them on land
Interrogated Lizard – attackers were working for Dagock
Mendar charmed a badger then went to sleep
Heard voices (of a large woman) looking for Alsarion
Found an Elf by the name of Melqualm
Suleen and Melqualm got in a fight, because Suleen cast a spell on Melqualm
After reaching mutual peace and understanding, Melqualm found the kid’s trail
Dink found a Door to a cave and Melqualm, Suleen, Dink, and Namon went in.
Melqualm climbs down the hole. Melqualm found door with words on it. Dink lied to Namon. Dink finds a trap. Rest of party Got high. Mendar talked to his badger.
Xymox, Mendar and Zath leave in search of party.
Found them and joined in dungeoneering
Xymox and dink argue, Mendar sets off trap
Mendar is dumbfounded by a force field.
“What fire burns in Evermeet?” Mendar – “Shit guys, we need to know this one!” Mendar tingles. Melqualm throws him somewhere. Mendar and Xymox being attacked by psionics
xymox takes on 2 blobs
Mendar is Down and Out – wakes up in a loinclosth but not really
The group flees Dark Shadows