Chapter 2: Happy Thanks Giving! '94

Thanksgiving Weekend, í94

Melqualm asked about peace ribbons in a hideous way.
Dink flips a coin into a masonís crack
Dink tries stealing a saw but people 20 miles away saw
We all followed Zath to the ship place and heard of announcement.
Melqualm befriended Badger and made Mendar Jealous.
We all meet Tamish Elwise and Dutch, Mendarís badger
Mendar was almost blown up.
Came upon 2 hung gargoyles and Melqualm went to shee(?) them
6 puny humans sprang from the bluff to the south with another gargoyle and the 2 hanged ones came to life.
Ophir killed 4 humans, Melqualm killed a human and a gargoyle, Eltar held 4 humans and blinded a gargoyle while doing damage to the other two.
Xymox rolled a 20 witch Melqualm could have used and held himself in ethereal form. And blows himself away from the advancing gargoyles.