Chapter 10


What the Hell’s Going On

After the battle – Xymox meditates Eltar builds litter for Callia Dink dinks Melqualm grumbles.
We wait for dawn.

We continue on with Eltar & Alic carrying Callia. Melqualm tries to find trail at fork in the road, he fails. We go left. Dead end, Melqualm tries to find trail again, fails. Xymox uses powers to find trail but finds giant skunk instead. Dink slings stone and some of the party get sprayed; we all run. We go back to the ford & go right. Eltar has a fight with a moss. We pass some bat things and then find a crater in the middle of the crater and the sides of the crater have a glassy look to them.

We continue. Come to another fork, we go right, Melqualm finds a trail but Eltar says we should go & look at the left path “to be safe.” We are promptly attacked by an owlbear. Melqualm fights it & Xymox joins in. Then Xymox grows elephant tusks and arms but Dink kills it with a sling stone before Xymox attacks it. Dink gets a foot from the owlbear as a trophy.

Dink and Xymox discuss Xymox’s new facial features.

NOW we go right. It starts raining. The trail becomes strangely, eerily dark. Melqualm’s infravision cannot penetrate this darkness. Eltar brings up the fact that we have a wand of illumination. He uses it. It clears 40’ of the forest. Ophir joins the party. Melqualm teases Eltar about the moss. We shoot the shit with Ophir. Eltar uses wand to make a light stick. We get to a river where Melqualm finds small humanoid footprints on the banks. The river has a dam & a series of stones, presumably used to ford the river. Melqualm rushes across & a trap goes off. He falls into the water. The stones are washed over w/ more water let through by the dam. Eltar puts Xymox’s spear down to Melqualm but even while Melqualm gets a hold of the spear, something pulls him the other way in the net.

Xymox attempts to use a mind power to pull the net to our side but doesn’t. Ophir ties a rope to a tree & runs across rocks. Eltar uses wand to make other side lighted. Dink slings stones into darkness. There is a troll on the other side. Ophir shoots magic arrows at the beast. Troll takes Melqualm to his lair & punches him. Xymox levitates to other side. Dink gets to other side somehow. Others take a rope across that Dink had tied to a post.

Xymox, Ophir, & Dink go into lair. Melqualm gets pummeled to unconsciousness. Xymox makes Dink’s torch fire into a mini – dragon which attacks a troll. Ophir & Dink go into melee w / 2 trills. Eltar falls into a pit while trying to get to lair. The battle continues we begin getting our asses kicked. Melqualm almost (very, very, very, very almost) dies!

Xymox jumps in river after being chased by troll & goes underwater. Eltar faces off the two trolls with the wand (blinds them) and drags Zath and Melqualm away. Xymox comes out of the water and finds Alic.

We meet up but Ophir is still out there. So we make up a plan to get him:

1) Alic bangs 2 swords together to distract trolls.

2) Eltar hides to use wand on unsuspecting trolls.

3) Xymox & Dink go over and get Ophir.

The plan “mostly” works and the party retreats back to make camp & recuperate.