Chapter 9


Session XXXYZ The Digression Years
Melqualm arrives with a small group of dwarves. Meets Eltar in the RAT Hills just outside of Waterdeep where he is training some Vulcans because of one of those strange Waterdhavian ordinances often the root of much . . . .

Meanwhile, Mendar had his broad sword (nudge nudge) blessed by someone very competent.

Eltar reveals plot to ball & chain.

Vethor has gems. We want them. We must prevail. The guy on the cover of the P.H.B. may be a golem with his golden skin. Melqualm lands shit-ass job at night, far from the city, protection it. News sources tell of rumors of gnolls, gargoyles, and even worse, a black dragon!

Dink writes “Westside Story” (snap snap) in jail.

Eltar paints heroic scene at Mendar’s sword blessing.

Xymox does a surrealistic drawing of the same scene.

Xymox & Eltar visit Dink in prison. He currently resides in the “nice part” of the dungeon. He claims he’s innocent. The food sux. The guys feed Dink the duck and wine tales of the free world.

Mendar tries (in a blissful dreamstate) to sharpen someone’s ax. No go! We to a sage because he knows all! (Protacticus)

7 star sapphires Tormagai of Netheril. Shar & Sune tricked into imparting their power into them so [arrow pointing to “Tormagai”] could take over WO… oh, North. They allow owner to move hearts &minds. Seven cities of Netheril = 7 star sapphires.

-Sudden realization Dink has a 16 year old boy with him. Melqualm scares him.

Palace to east built by Tormagai, but where?!

Party receives cool wand which produces light, cont. light, light burst, dancing lights.

We are instructed to follow the road to Triboar, take the trail to Yartar, BETWEEN the Trollmoors AND the High Forest, then up to Silverymoon.

Everyone tries to buy a horse.

Melqualm tries to scare off boy. Dink mentions Eltar’s sex toy.

The Boy attempts to convince the party of his worth. He seems convincing enough for the party to give up getting rid of him.

Mendar makes plans to animate a dead horse to add to the party’s warmth and joy brought by Xymox and Melqualm.

“Mendar bought a dead horse!” --Dink?

Callia turns the wicked beast much to Mendar’s surprise. Go fig . . .Mendar tries to convince Callia of Lathander of the horse’s goodness. Despite utter failure, Mendar mounts up and rides on. Party ponders allowing Mendar to learn from his own follies, but arguments continue. Mob forms.

Dink convinces mob that Mendar bought a dead horse. Mendar leaves. Mendar is held up at the gate under suspicion of a diseased horse. After added moral debate with the guard they attempt to wrestle the crazy man from his horse.

Mendar is threatened with one week of hard labor for his desecration. Eltar of Sune gives his work, stakes his reputations and thug his livelihood, on the assumption that the esteemed Mendar of Tempus will never again raise horses from the dead inside the boundaries of Waterdeep’s city walls. It works.

The party members roll initiative against each other. Mendar’s spell is interrupted by Melqualm’s grasp. Mendar misses Melqualm with his punch.

Eventually the party sets out.

The first night’s peace was disturbed by a 30 pt. Buck tramping through.

The next day is very hot, but it is also raining. The UNCHAINED!!! (clap rub rub) venture into the hamlet of Rassalantar and proceed directly to the Bulging Keg. Melqualm buys a round for the party.

The party learns of goblin hordes to the North or visiting with some Uthgardt barbarians. The party, after vote and discussion, agree to visit the savages (7 – 2 in favor).

The party sets out towards the barbarian camp. We made contact in the late afternoon with the savages. Eltar and Melqualm set out to meet them.

The party spends the night with them learning that their leader is mourning the death of his osn, who was slain by the tusk of a white boar being hunted by wild elves. Upon meeting the tribe’s chieftain, the party decides to fetch the head of the beast. When asked to give a sign of trust to prove we wish no ill upon the tribe, Melqualm gets a bit pissed and gets mouthy with the chieftain, who promptly kicks them out. None the less, the party ventures off for the boar with thee tribe’s blessing.

After setting out we came upon the elves. We spend the night with them and the next day were led blind-folded to their village. We find that this chieftain’s son was also killed by the board. The treant spoke to us. After that, the chief asked for the body of the boar to avenge his son’s death.

Soon after the party set out they were assailed by a trea