Chapter 8



Xymox wakes and meditates. He then goes and wakes up Dink. Dink very happy to see Xymox and made a lot of noise, and wakes up Zath. Ophir woke before dawn and Glyross taught of the constellations and birdcalls and such not. Then he started to make breakfast for Glyross, but Xymox, Dink, and Zath stopped to take Ophir to see Eltar. But Ophir needs to do the dishes first. While waiting for Ophir, Dink struck up conversation with big burly guys. Big burly guy says, “Hey, little man!” after Dink asked to join their posse. That action starts a rumble. Dink killed the driver of a wagon, almost.

Mendar woke up, and his girlfriend was gone. He then went to the temple of Tempus. He was assigned to oil and sharpen blades.

Eltar, alive, awake, not much else. He gets a bath from Lars and Buck. Zath, Xymox, Ophir and Dink take the man and his wagon to Mendar to heal the injured man. Common decision was that the injured man would be upset, and that Dink should pay his dues. Dink freaks and runs, Mendar and Zath catch him and Mendar then healed the man and gave the man Dink’s pouch. Dink gets scolded.

Eltar told story of adventure to cute girl over dinner. Eltar realizing he hadn’t shaved since Balder’s Gate. Everyone slowly arrives. Dink leaves to buy Eltar a present, field plate mail.

Eltar spends rest of time training falcons, and finds a main squeeze.

Dink gets his group together, to pay back the big burly guys. The fury of Dink shows no mercy. Empire grows.

Xymox talks with other psionics.

Mendar’s girlfriend is a naked werefox about to kill him in his sleep. Mendar is surprised. Ohh No! Charm spell saved his ass.