Chapter 7


Xymox takes Eltar to the temple of Sune and is greeted by 2 poster children for the Sune priesthood. Eltar is “cared for” and Xymox leaves after asking about his sister Myrin because the Sune priest/gate tender is rude. Xymox heads for the Hall of the Harp to hear news of Myrin.

Mendar still dazed, walked onward to the temple of Tempus. Once there he arranges for the ceremony. He also donates his time to the priesthood.

After walking encountered kids stealing from a man. In an attempt to stop this, the watch came and of course Dink is now under the boardwalk trying to escape from jail.

Xymox finds the hall of the Harp but Myrin has either been captured by Northmen or willingly left with them. He finds the sign left by Ophir in the Market and waits for him.

Xymox discusses spirituality, intelligence, and consciousness and the mind with High Scrivner Felaps and begins on the road to spirituality. The Great Work, Mental Attributes and Their Primitive Presence in Life Forms, by Xymox Jamas Caber.

Mendar gets bored quickly and sets off for the temple of Tempus. On the way he finds a group of guards talking nonsense to a beautiful elven woman. Soon after, Mendar has joined the guards. The maiden invites Mendar to come to her inn. Mendar accepts.

Dink began the adventure this day 6-26-95 by going to the castle of the very powerful wizard Blackstaff who Dink has yet to meet. The reason for going to the castle was to retrieve an item very dear to his heart. Dink failed in this and now walks the streets a broken halfling.

I met up with Glyross the half-elf, my mentor of magic. I arranged tutorage to begin at dawn. I left to return to the Inn and to get Glyross some cheese and beeswax. While at the Market, I posted a note that hopefully the rest of The UNCHAINED will read if they still survive. –Ophir Tawnii