Chapter 11


Limping and licking their wounds, Eltar, Xymox, and Zath drag Melqualm & Ophir a good distance from the trolls and make camp. Night passes.

Under a light, soothing rain, Ophir and Melqualm wake to the exhausted faces of their companions. The quiet tapping and cool breeze of the morning shower wash away dried blood as Eltar mends Zath. The day is spent in rest and retrospect. Mendar trudged all day to rejoin the party. The gray skies a reflection of his longing for Dutch.

The night after the day of rest, Xymox was on watch and smelled approaching undead. Eltar put out a continuous light stone to see. He saw ghouls. “Good God, Ghouls!” Xymox had a delusions of flight. Eltar turns the first wave. The second wave hits, and it hurts.

Mendar, lonely and tired, searched in the night for his friends. After many long hours, he hears the battle in the distance. Fearing for his allies, he quickens his pace. In bloodlust, he breaks into a cantor.

Eltar turns more Ghouls, but not all. The demon spawn that remain hit Eltar and paralyze him. Callia and Eltar are dragged away. Mendar joins battle, Ophir reads a protection from evil scroll and lays next to Melqualm. Callia is freed, but then falls. The Ghouls can’t touch Ophir or Melqualm, or Mendar. Callia is being dragged again.

-This could be the end of The UNCHAINED, again-

Eltar wakes. More ghouls return. Eltar turns ten Ghouls. It was not the end after all.

Mendar, in his berzerkened rage chases after them. He drops one. Mendar then attacks Zath as he is blinded by bloodthirst. Zath parries. Xymox used the wand to light up the area so Mendar could see more Ghouls. Mendar drops another. Xymox tried to shoot a crossbow, but it jammed. Zath gets his man! Mendar, trying to be as cool as the valiant Melqualm, attacks a zombie [i.e. ghoul] and wiffs like and eight-year-old little leaguer. Xymox sunbursts the hell right out of these vile mockeries of good. The silly little battle priest, Mendar, does a battle charge after five fleeing undead and . . . promptly rolls a big fat “1” and ran into a tree.

Mendar’s berserk rage wears off but he insists on continued melee with the undead. He slays two and is surrounded by 3. Then Zath comes to help finish off the ghouls. Mendar is surrounded by his circle of death (ghouls lying everywhere). The last ghoul flees Mendar’s wrath, but doesn’t. Xymox draws the scene. Melqualm grumbles.

We sleep, we wake, we heal.

Melqualm feels battle worthy. Mendar holds his nose. No sign of Dink & Alic yet.

-Revised plan to kill trolls: Mendar casts call lightning, Eltar casts dust devil. Devil kicks butt for a short time, Devil dies. The trolls kick each other’s butt. They run out of cave, only to be hit by lightning.

Xymox TK’s a pouch of smoke powder onto the fallen troll. Melqualm tried to lasso a tree. His rope was too short. Ophir hit a troll with one magic arrow. Zath also hit with an arrow. Melqualm hit with a magical stone. Xymox blew off the troll’s chest. Xymox pops off the other’s head.

Melqualm, using Ophir’s rope also gets the rope across. We cross.

Ophir tends to burning the trolls while Mendar, Xymox, & Melqualm search the cave. The cave is cleaned & set for camp. Mendar tries to destroy dam. Xymox finds a ring. Weather clears up all rejoice. (The girls leave). We follow boar tracks to a lake with 2 islands near island had a city the far having a tower. Xymox asked Mendar to hit him. Xymox is rendered unconscious.

The party approached the building on the left. Peeking through a window they find unmade beds. Mendar knocks on the door and gets no answer. All but Callia and Eltar enter. Finding only darkness, Melqualm lights a torch and The UNCHAINED clap clap rub rub enter! Ophir examines a bed… well, tried to. . . A goblin darts out from under a table and threw a beltful of short swords at Ophir. Melqualm grabs Grubpuck, a male goblin left in charge of twenty-some goblin women while the rest of the Clubfoot tribe went off to war. He told them of an attack by the white boar. The boar fled to Shrivnar’s tower, Shrivnar being the local wizard of unsurpassed power. Ophir frightens Grubpuck into helping us while he is doing just that. After a bit of debate, Melqualm hands Goblin to Ophir.

The party starts speaking in elven, common, & kobold. Mendar speaks in kobold about war stories. We scare Grubpuck. The party crosses the isthmus to the wizard’s tower. We see a gate at the end of the isthmus, it’s open. The party makes up different scenarios about the relationship between the boar & Shrivnar. We pass through the gate. Here we find the bloody remains of a man. Signs of a fight and the use of magic litter the area. We contemplate, and proceed to the inner keep. Once there, the party explores a circular building. The party splits up for no reason, and meet in a central room. There is a dissecting table and the smell of blood/decay. There is a tasloi ½ dissected on the table. Furry fuzzy dead things line the shelves.

A book found had information in it (obviously a journal) about Silvanus and beasts. Unclear of boar’s intentions. We investigate the house further, and discuss the situation. Fruit bombards us.

Mendar, Zath, & Callia vomit harshly. We all want to puke, harshly. We pass the trees.

We wet to an odd shaped building & Ophir opened a large metal door. A whistle sounded, twice. We were afraid. Melqualm closed the door. Xymox goes into ectoplasmic form. Whistle goes off again. WHITE BOAR comes tearing through the doors! Xymox confronts it. Room glows with magic light. Creature in tank in the room, looks like bulette.

Boar smashes tank. Eltar tries to cast “Aid” on Boar. Everyone else but Zath & Callia go into other room. Boar gores the bulette. Melqualm hurts himself shooting Bulette (1!).

Xymox sees a woman w/blonde hair near empty brandy bottle on the desk. Xymox materializes w/crossbow on table pointed at her. She awakes & bolts for the door. Runs into Ophir & company. Runs through another door.

Meanwhile Boar kicks Butt while Xymox, Ophir, Eltar & Callia try to chase girl screaming peaceful friendly comments (while the Boar crushes Bulette). We follow her to a corridor to find her crying in a corner. Try to divulge into – “Boar killed everybody, including Shrivnar . . .she was kept as concubine.”

Everyone else arrives in the corridor. Bulette awakens and cries out, “Eeeeeeoooooo!” Eltar and Melqualm return to the room to check it out. The Bulette begins to kick ass, blowing fire, lots of poison. Oh NO! Mendar was trying to heal the boar, but oopsy, both beasts run outside. Eltar tries to blind the Bulette, but failed. Ophir cried to Silvanus for help - nothing. Melqualm hits with arrow, but wound heals.

Melqualm, Eltar Xymox try to get into safe. Ophir runs to other building. Mendar gets hit, not too hard. Ophir found a stable with a chariot. Xymox disintegrated the safe. Inside: many pots, vials, incense, glass labwear. Mendar rolled a 20, but nothing happens. The boar broke the Bulette’s neck. The boar starts to glow and then falls limp. A Gold and Green figure rises from the boar. The figure smiles then goes West.

Mendar cut off the boar’s head and starts to cut off the Bulette’s fin for a shield. And everybody does their own things.