Chapter 12


Dink leaves the gypsy camp. Xymox empathizes with Yara and lights up. Mendar finds some alcohol. Mendar, while drinking, gets an idea. Mendar oragizes a meeting, a strange sight indeed. Meanwhile, Eltar is searching the towers. There is a spy glass on one of the towers. It appears to be pointing right at Dink.

A meeting begins. Mendar wants to make this his home. He proceeds to do homemaking type activities (blacksmithing). The party examines the group treasure. Dink finds a ballista, a piece of live skin lying on the ground and some other stuff. Mendar takes some books. Ė Astrology texts.

Mendar finds out that wand fires a little ball of energy. Decides itís a wimpy wizard weapon & gives it to Xymox. We sleep peacefully & securely. Except Mendar. We awake to Mendarís inverted shouts for help. (He was in the tree, upside down with ďLVEĒ on his forehead. He said the little people did it. Xymox attempts to track them. Does for a while, but there is no indication of them leaving the keep by ground. Then they attacked form the trees inside the keep.

The tension mounts as Mendar and Xymox prepare to do some fancy footwork as the Little People throw some wooden spears all of which go to Xymox who avoids them as with great skill. One of the Little People has fallen out. Dink tries to move without making a noise, but fails very badly. Mendar tries to charm the two lock eyes and for one passionate moment, the two are one. Itís love for Mendar at last. Xymox turns into a Ghost. Dink skillfully throws his voice. Xymox puts on a wonderful show there is nothing to do but wait. Xymox, playing God, is planning on disintegrating a tree. Letís watch as the plot thickens. The Little People start to come out of the trees. Could things be going The UNCHAINED way?! The group prepares for battle. The Little People and Mendarís love toy cut their path off. The shit hits the fan. Mendar gets attacked by many more who were hiding in the trees. Mendarís Love Toy pleads for Mendarís case but nets and javelins fly. Dink finally fires his sling bullet into
elee. Xymox is confused. Eltar meanwhile is casting a Dust Devil. Mendar caught in many nets is being helped by his Love Toy.

The Dust Devil appears (Chris plays with toys) much more shit happens. Dust devil kicks ass. Dink knocks off one. The score: Dink 1 Dust Devil 1. Eltar swings his weapon. The score :dust Devil 1 Dink 1 Eltar 1 Mendar 1 Love Toy . Xymox is confused. After some pot shots Dink 3. Final score Dink 4 Dust Devil 1 Eltar 1 Mendar 1 Love Toy Xymox 1, 2 assists. Dink killed Mendarís Love Toy: Dink 5 kills.

Mendar finally gets out of the net. Revives a little person kills him again. The group sits around for a LONG time trying to decide what the heck to do . . . .Dink gets bored & wanders off. He ends up fighting a gargoyle.

Mendar & Zath enter melee with gargoyle. Party picks around with gargoyle then Xymox pops its head off. Eltar comes up with ďplanĒ to see our enemyís strength, then we leave.