Battle With Darkenbeasts


The party takes to the trees to get out of the rain. Mendar is about to charm the goblin captive. Melqualm has disappeared suddenly; the party thinks to pee. Time passes very slowly, as sand through the hourglass that has been tipped oon its side.

Tempus smiles on the sorry and confused ass of Mendar. Xymox brings fire to the rain soaked party and the party was happy.

Mendar sees six figures diving upon him. How will the Unchained deal with this one!? Could this be the end?

Mnedar casts magic stone.

Eltar, out of dust creates a devil

Xymox is playing with fire.

Strange repite things attack, ripping the shirt of Callia showing… calm. Zath gets a huge head wound.

Xymox gets grazed, then sets fire to a tree, but not really. Ha Ha

Manos and the “hands of fate’ deals a vicious hand to the Unchained.

Mendar the battle priest casts pussy spells while Xymox the weakling “mage” (?) wreaks havoc on the stupid reptile as Xylophant the destroyer.

Mendar whiffs with magic hammer

Callia goes down in a blaze of glory.

The Xylophant gets struck in the torso and goes nuts on the Creature. Babar smashes the reptile.

An ox appears on the Xylophant tusk. How strange. First sheep, now oxen. When will the madness stop?!

Mendar, in all his glory, smites a critter knocking him out of the sky. Zebadia (aka, Dink) enters the scene.

Alik hurts himself with his staff.

Mendar chanting “I’m hitting Melqualm”, hits another Bat-thing.

Zebadia does a vitals shot to Alik. Alik cries.

The Unchained is slapped in the face with the fact that they really suck in battle.

Zebadia changes the flow of battle with a nasty backstab.

Zath gets clawed but no one notices.

Mendar announces he’s gonna dish out some whup-ass. And he actually hits.

Xymox uses wand of illumination on fire, sunburst! Lights up whole area. Some get blinded (Mendar)… Bat creatures turn into animals at the light! We’re all cool like that. Party does post-battle shite.

Goat, speaking through our Druid of Rygar, ID’s Vethor from a Xymox sketch. Vethero turned the goat into a bat-winged thingy. Eltar takes care of an unconscious Callia. Zebadia (Dink) takes our watch. Alec has a broken nose. Mendar tells him “that must be broke”. Eltar sets his nose. We sleep. Dink/Zebadia is accused of insanity (used to be a fighter and a wizard and now Zebodia). Changes his name to Eltar…?

Melqualm apparently had been “scouting” the ridge.

We heal… We ride… toward Red Larch.

Dink is talking about a guy who approached him. Something about a Bowl of the Sun and enlightenment and crap. Ancient “Indian” stuff. Eltar doesn’t care. He just wants a warm bath and a cold beer.

The Unchained rested.

Eltar creates food and water for the party as the Unchained move to Red Larch without being attacked. The gods must be with us. Nothing happens in Red Larch, then we are in Trybar. Xymox was levitating. Forgot to turn off, fell and slowly fell thus now knowing that the “Hey Punch Me Mendar” ring is a Ring of Feather Falling. Eltar is selling his incense sticks for barge. Mendar is (or was) going to make shield from the back of bullet. Dink is going through town trying to read the palms of passer-bys. Eltar is selling stuff, still group treasure. Alik steals a cloak during the great palm reading session which Dink made 10cp. Dink has cursed Mendar.

We sit in Yartar discussing our plight. Dink lusts after a Dwarven femaile.

“We’re up to our neck but not over our head.” -Dink

Eltar and Callia dance. Mendar arm wrestles some barbarian after we decide to go to Silverymoon and get advice and help, starting at the Temple of Selune. Mendar wins. Dink pickpockets people. The night passes in general comfort and camaraderie. Mendar and Dink do “things.” Dink’s involved women, Mendar’s involved men, both came back with smiles on their faces. Dink and Xymox toke up. And after 15 days of travel, we reach Silverymoon!

There are casks of oils on the barge. Caffeine wears off. We decide to go on a tour. Dink lets our guide know that he’s “all man down there.” Melqualm grumbles and walks off. She lets us know that we’ll be focusing today on the acedemic area of the city. Mendar walks off.

We find out that Shala (the tour guide) is in a sorority and must kiss a halfling as initiation. Dink gets rushed. Then some frat guys try to beat him up. He goes nuts, she calms him down (eventually).

We go to temple of Selune for guidance. Eltar speaks to clergy member. Dink says “Don’t mind me, I’m crazy.” He introduces himself as Aztar.

Aztar points us to Arrima. We meet with her and discuss the secrecy of what we have to tell. We agree to a ritual to detect if we have good intentions, only if Xymoc can do the same. She takes us to Chanathara Moonsoul (High Priestess). The group talks about much. Group is refered to Adas, a wise man. Group is given a disk. The group leaves. Mendar meets a gnome and arranges to have a meeting with a dwarf to make a shield. Mendar tries to find the group.