Brian and Ben’s Place


Dink goes out in the streets trying to make a buck, but ends up running for his life. Dink dives through a window, just missing a firetrap. The room was empty, so he left. Xymox looks for his sister, but fails.

Alec scores with chick. Dink breaks into house, finds a chest. Eltar finds his father. The world is happy!

Mendar makes a deal… A Dwarven smith is going to make a shield from a bullette hide (+4 to +5 shield) in exchange for 10,000gp and a burdent: to care for a Dwarf named Gunter, who is mad. He likes to be naked and fart at people and masturbate publicly.

“I’m gonna earn the shield.” -Mendar

Eltar comes home and tealks with Mendar who has decided to leave the party *8(, to try his luck in charioteering on the coast.

Xymox goes to dinner with some friends. Ummm… we wake up and discuss Mendar’s “departure”

Argument/hug session follows.

Eltar suggests to “start over.”