Chapter 16



-Pacific Northwest Tour

Still in Silverymoon. Xymox, Callia and Adis continue to study. References to Tormagi found as court magician to king Jamoosh in Ass Keep. Melqualm can’t read common. Melqualm can’t read Elven. But he continues to “hang” in the library. Then gets bored and goes shopping. Ophir (??!!?) goes shopping too. Tries to buy a hammock (self closing) in magic ship, but doesn’t. Eltar baby-sits his sister.

A week passes.

Eltar still babysitting sister. Paints her face, but not the permanent kind, which is good. High Market. Everyone’s going. Eltar runs into a big guy in a cloak: Selek Jarsh heard of us through former companion Ophir. “He was a good Elf.” This guy wants to join The UNCHAINED!!! CLAP CLAP RUB RUB.

Eltar conducts interview

“well, uh…..what do you do?”

“Mostly I just drink till I go blind.”

Eltar, “I see.”

No, scratch that, Matt Anchez has nothing to do with this. He tells Eltar he was on troll patrol. The guy asks, “So what are you guys up to anyway?” And Eltar says he’s not quite sure.

A formal meeting is called for to regroup THE UNCHAINED!!! The party goes shopping at the annual High market. Xymox hob-nobs with a psionic buddy. Eltar meets Selek Jarsh, an old friend of Ophir. When the party meets to go over current biz, Eltar brings up that Selek would like to join the party. Zath announces he will not be able to accompany the rest of The UNCHAINED!!! On their upcoming journey. Gunter, in a not so sudden fit of….Gunterism, leaps onto the table, knocking an ale to the floor, then begins peeing on Melqualm. He is not pleased. Selek arrives and is introduced to The UNCHAINED!!! He is apparently good with his hands and dabbles in magic. The party decides to have Eltar and Xymox to run Selek through a battery of tests to divine his intentions and general character. The UNCHAINED Interview.

Selek passes the tests and is given the lo-down of The UNCHAINED’s plight to save the Realms. Zath will leave by end of week. Party for Zath planned already. Much talk of divergent things. Xymox talks to Ao, his sister kidnapped. Xymox turns inside out as light of understanding exudes from his lotus center.

Found out we must travel due east of the ruins of Ascore to an oasis, then 1 league South East. Come upon a “sea of glass,” then find “the talons of Arot” (a god of the ancient birdmen – pre-Nethril), then travel East to the Temple of Tormigai. Also, the 7 star saphires must be set at specific sights in the 7 ancient cities of Netheril. (Silverymooon, Ascalhorn, Hellgate Keep, Karse, Uorkh, Sundubar, Everlund, &Loudwater).

Shanathera Moonsoul & Ariana of Selune discovered that the Saphires are endowed with the essence of Selune. Shar then added to this power. But Tormagai was betrayed and Selune & Shar found out. Shar wreaked vengence.

Eltar gets stuff for everyone. We leave in the morning. Leaving September 20th. Say tearful good-byes. (Eltar to his family, Melqualm to the Troll Patrol).

2 days out, we run into Ophir!!! & an Elven friend of his. They are to escort us on our Journey. Later we run into 31 travelers who were attacked by bandits. 6 were hurt and Eltar healed all and Cure Lighted 4 others.

We come to a narrow Mountain pass.

Dink and Gunter run off together. Alic and Mendar run after them. Rounding a corner, the party stumbles upon many “mauled” bodies carrying much treasure. After inspecting the bodies, a ROAR is heard. Benapt tells us it’s a red dragon…um… A RED DRAGON. Then we spot a 3 headed flying thing…2 R.D. heads, one horned head…sort of a Bull-like.

“Well met!” Melqualm sputters. Sort of.

The great beast swoops in upon the party loosing a cone of fire. Melqualm’s sword is shattered in the blast. Bloodright is no more. Busepholis, Ariandor, and Ariandor’s horse fall, while Ophir looses arrows and Melqualm swings at the foul beast.

Ariendor is down, Ophir hits twice, then misses twice, Melqualm catches Ophir’s longsword, Trollbane. Xymox gets confused over metaphysics.

“Psionics is always fucked-up anyway,” – Xymox.

The Beast makes another pass. OOHNOO! Xymox does something and the Beast lands on top of him and Ariendor. We whack at it. Melqualm hits, Eltar hits, and Ophir misses twice. Melqualm hits, Xymox stuns, and the creature claws and bites Melqualm. Eltar and Ophir whiff. Melqualm does the final killing blow. Ariabor is really hurt. The dead people have treasure from the earlier pilgrims. Ariandor’s horse is dead.

We press on, taking pilgrim’s property with us. To deliver to Sundibar.