Chapter 17


North West Tour – Part II

Five days pass quickly and The UNCHAINED stumbles into Sundabar. Town officials are given treasure from pilgrims. Xymox and Melqualm find an inn, Randy’s. Xymox and Melqualm look for guide. *8) “Go East one day until the fork. The man will be in a hovel.” Eltar looks for guide as well. Heads to trading guild. Ophir stays in room. Selek and Benapt talk of the gross disorganization of the adventuring mob.

“Damn rat-bastard!” -- Melqualm. Then accuses Eltar of being a Flaggat. Selek was going to talk to the Innkeeper. Eltar, not trusting his much-prized life in the desert to an un-named man in a hovel, goes to a merchant guild.

Our pet Mad-dwarf gets away from Mendar and is fighting off cops in a fruit stand. We let him do it. Selek finds out the Hermit’s name is Alessardso. He’s quite eccentric (eclectic?). The all-knowing inn-keeper in a town of 36,000 also knows a guy in the city guard who has gone East. Eltar goes to the merchant’s guild. He’s directed to Old Gemmick, who previously traveled to Citadel Adabar. He learns that our old friends the Ghost Tree Tribe know the area….at least the immediate East. Apparently Old Gemmick is from MN. O.G. asks Eltar to hook him up with some buxom young lass. He blesses the old man, who promptly feels “potent.”

Melqualm broods, pounding ale.

The Dwarf is being arrested by 6 New York beat cops. Selek heads down to the watch station to inquire about a guide.

We play with pencils for a bit. Selek chats w/ Guardsman. This guy was out in the desert with another party. Says there were lots of undead, we should take holy water. Xymox buys a Moscow cap. Xymox talks to innkeeper, but he walks away. Then Mendar returns and drinks. Dink does something. Ophir hits on girl.

No one knows where Gunther is. Xymox is ignored so he drinks with Melqualm and Mendar….!?

But is 12 noon.

“I love being an adventurer!” as we slam pitchers.

Eltar talks with some merchants and some knights and some barbarians looking for Ghost Tree Tribe, but they aren’t around. Callia comes back with scrunchies, but it’s not Eltar’s “thang”

Ophir and Melqualm gamble. Melqualm wins 5 gold. And then everyone compares war scars. Ophir challenges Xymox to a game of dice.

Xymox -- “Magics or no magics?”

Ophir, “No magics….. but wait, you don’t use magic”

Xymox, “Exactly.”

Ophir, “I’m not playing with you.”

The party discusses. We talk about going to see the guy in his hovel. Selek goes off. The mountains the Undead.

Xymox, “Perhaps we need holy water.”

Melqualm, “Bah! You try getting that stuff. I’ve got my sword!”

Ophir and Xymox have a heart to heart about Xymox’s sister and vision dreams of the spirit world. Melqualm grumbles to himself incessantly.

Eltar asks “what’s wrong?”

Melqualm says, “Nothing, I’m just ugly.”

Callia just wants to be held tonight. That’s ok, but Eltar’s not going to compliment her damn scrunchie. Selek goes to take car of actual party bisiness while The UNCHAINED!! Slam slam slug slug drink.

Melqualm goes to money changer. Xymox speaks of redundant things with Benapt. Melqualm fails at spelling his name. Eltar realizes the importance of the Gide to the North. Selek and Ophir try to sell beer mug for Holy Water.

THE NEXT DAY (Sept. 22nd)

Stopped raining, only in the 40’s. The UNCHAINED departs in search of the man to the East who charges a lot. While questioning the where-abouts of Gunter, he erupts from a water trough, knife clenched in teeth. Gunter (the escaped) stabs a post and busts a rhythm. The naked one returneth. Xymox inspects Gunter’s mind and discovers unprecedented pain. We ride.

Attacked by 4 mad Javelins!!! Xymox gets spitted. Also getting hit are Ophir & Mendar. We all get surprised. Barbarians falling from the trees, landing on our horses. Benapt falling from his crazed horse, 2 mountain lions, a huge dude with a log on a stick. Oh, the horror!

Eltar holds 2 of em, their shaman holds Mendar, Gunter and Ophir, Callia, Benapt, and Ariendar get sliced etc… Melqualm crits the big barbarian


To be continued…