7-6-98 Gencon


Trolls!? 3 regular, 1 Super Size.

Mendar is held, but looks menacing. Melqualm charges into battle, but is pretty far away. We don’t want Benapt to die. Mendar doesn’t want Gunter to die. Gunter, Mendar, and Ophir are held. Ben says Eltar and Callia are still mounted. Mendar isn’t doing a dman thing this round. Selek has Xymox’s ass.

“We probably should’ve stayed chained at the rate we’re going.’ -John

“Aoooooo!” -Trolls

Ariander is suddenly 5 of himself, then he is felled by a Troll. Chruck D. is struck but stays standing. Melqualm barrows Ophir’s sword since eh’s heald. GIANT Troll charges in by Ophir, Melqualm, Xymox, Selek, and the held guys.

“There’s a Troll coming.” -Benapt

“No Sweat.” –Dink

Dink ‘n Alic launch a salvo of incendiaries at Troll. They both hit! Melqualm knocks Ophir from his horse (1). Dink gets smacked hard. Chuck D is… eviscerated. After the sea, rowboat, and most of the North, he is no more. *8( GIANT Troll grabs and twists Melqualm. Held people are unheld. Mendar visualizes the GIANT Troll as Giant Melqualm. The party starts getting messed up!

Melqualm is squished by the GIANT Troll at the same time he impales it. Mendar also hits it ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Gunther tries to be huge by jumping on Selek’s back. Altar hits looking Roco Suave, but little else.

The Hindu god, Xylephant, decends upon the Trolls. Xymox is confused. Mendar, in a useful fit of berserkery, utilizes a super anime’ leap and busts the GIANT Troll’s nose! The two halfings and Benapt go into fighting withdrawl. Gunter leaps onto the Troll’s head. Eltar is nipped in the elbow. Mendar misses Troll’s eyes with cont. Light. Mendar hits AGAIN! THE GIANT TROLL FALLS! Gunter backflips off of the Troll onto the monolith and does a little dance declaring, “I’m the new messiah!”

Dink 20’s the Troll he’s fighting, slicing the thing’s hamstring, felling the beast. It lives though. Xylephant (is now a Xylephant)… well, he’s now the Xylephant. Eltar slips in Troll shit, falling into the stinky mess. Dink gets walloped. Troll throws Ophir at Mendar and hits, but the crazed priest charges on. The Xylephant rips the Troll he’s on (near Mendar and company) a new one, taking it out!! …But (he also rolled a 1) it falls on his arm, breaking it. Jason is bronzed and toned. Mendar hits again! 4 for 4! The dice are good to this one! Finally…

Gunter jumps down from the monolith to build little castles of Troll shit. Discovering a new height of delicacy, he tastes the newly created work. John realizes it says “Good Luck” on each and every can of Olympia Ice. (5.8% A.B.V.) A troll misses Dink with both claws and a bite. Xymox tries to discuss tactics with Mendar before realizing his only purpose at this moment is to tear this Troll part. One Troll for those 2, one for Dink.

The Xylephant charges over to help Dink and runs the Troll through with his tusk, dropping it. Eltar blinded last Troll a little bit agao. Callia and Ophir build a fire on GIANT Troll. Dink builds a little halfling fire on the Troll nearest him.

“I love psionics.” -Jerry, on the Cotact “proficiency”

Mendar (of the hill people) hits his 6th of 6 hits. The one-eyed blinded troll slices up Mendar pretty good. Mendar misses! *8( On a 1! He drops his sword when Xymox psionicly contacts him, but starts to throw down with the thing. A perturbed, blind, one-eyed Troll lays the mighty Mendar out with a vicous bite about the head and neck. His helm goes flying. (He’d be dead if he decided to let his flowing brown locks to be tustled by the wind.)

The rules for psionic combat are on page 146 of Skills and Powers.

Xymox becomes unconfused! He dazes Troll for 2 rounds. Dink misses a backstab. One Troll, which everyone forgot about, comes to, and wanders off.

“Well, your mounts are dead, but it’ll take you a while to heal up.” -Jerry

Xymox ‘n Eltar chase after escaping foe. Eltar is struck down after failing to hit. Xymox attacks with (one arm) spear and HITS! (first time since kobald cave) Dink fells a Troll… The Troll.

The party licks its wounds, those who can at least, and contemplate what to do about our condition… those who can contemplate. Dink asks Benapt about some wand.

Xymox, feeling instant repair necessary, decides to doubletime some travel to get a heal spell. I light of a broken arm and the fact that “there are no cities where we are going” –Eltar, this may be a good move.

8 am, Xymox splits to heal a broken arm. All of the fallen are up to 1. The day passes uneventfully. Xymox returns.

Next day, much healing. Xymox starts going off about deseases of the mind. Xymox councils Mendar concerning Gunter, suggests that this might be a “mind disease”. Mendar tries to cast spell to help. No immediate results. Dink plays in cave which doesn’t exist.

Gunter does many weird things like trying ot pee on Alex and cast spells. Melqualm is happy Gunter pissed on someone else. Can mendar cast Detect Magic, and yes indeed, he is. Eltar dispels magic. Gunter is now a dog. Mel is throwing sticks. Dink could polymorph the Dwarf, but chooses not to. The party decides after 3 days of fucking around may decide to leave. The debate on Gunter continues.

Will the unchained ever find out what’s wrong with Gunter?

Will the unchained ever find the 24hr copy and watch some anime?

And who’s crazier, Dink or Gunter?

The unchained travel looking for a guide still. (When Brian (Eltar) farts, it’s funny. When John (Melqualm) farts, it’s not.) Mel and Xy talk. Is there a relationship? The party gets to the fort and now look for the hovel.

Eltar mourns the loss of his hourse. The party heads North. Whoopy!!! In a small undergrowth, we see signs to Alessandro’s. Gunter becomes a bear hunter and is hanging in a tree.

Gunter is freed by Mendar and they all walk to Alessandro’s hovel. Eltar knocks, but we told to “not be doin that.” Alessandro is a halfing with dreds and a staff. He pops up in the midst of our group. Sneaky bastard. Alessandro is cool.

Gutner makes bird calls. The knot competition begins. So does the bargaining. 500gps up front, and we’ll see what happens ahead. Melqualm and Eltar argue about social interaction and money. I wonder who’s right? *8( 6 days travel to the desert, 9 to the talons of Arot, perhaps. We go.

Time shifts. We have traveled six boring days. Nice scenery. Another crevasse lay ahead, and it leads to the ruins of Ascore. 2 mile crevasse. Dink is tired.

*Weird Dream Thing. Everyone has same one. Travelling alone in an ornate covered carriage with gilt bar leaf, flowers and stuff. Riding through pretty country side. Glimpses of faces appear in the windows of the carriage. Can’t see the eyes. All of a sudden we are in a grassy field at dusk. Straight rows of dead trees on either side , a corridor. At end of “passage” a gray cat runs across the path from the right. Suddenly, in a large “ballroom” big dome. Only light comes from a hole in the ceiling. A large number of people are dancing. Elegantly dressed, though eclectically. As we walk towards them, a voice says “help me”. The voice multiplies exponentially. We approach a woman from behind. She turns and she is beautiful, but her eyes are dark, deep pits. WE all wake. Everyone tries tomake saving throws, start hearing low buzz…

Xymox screams, and Ophir and Alic as well…


Eltar talks of using sunburst, then he does it.

Doesn’t do anything to stop hum. Another low toned hum starts. Big discussion of whether to go into Crevasse or ot. Party votes, then back tracks. We travel back till morning. Eltar gets Dink to tell us LOTS of stories tokeep us all awake. We travel back till dawn, then promptly turn back around and get through crevace. Oh –btw- everyone who was catatonic is no longer.

…Imagine being scared for your life for a long time, but knowing that if you die, that is bad too…

Suddenly – we’re in ?????? 13 five sided ? pyramids doninate the city scape. We go AROUND city ‘cuz there’s big fucking luminous black clouds over the city. We’re tormented by the dream as we continue…

Melqualm sees a disembodied eye in the shadows of the city.

“I don’t know, walk casually.” -Eltar

We get out of the city and BOOK it. The plan is to travel till midnight, but Ophir and Ariander will need to leave in the morning.

To be continued…