Sheboyganorama 1


Sheboyganorama 1 (No Date)

“When I tell ya to pitch a tent, pitch a tent. When I tell you to lay to the ground, lay to the ground. This desert is a place where the steel of men is tested.” –Allesandro

Ophir leaves with a flurry of Zen Dan-ness.

A sandstorm hits on the second day. The unchained breaks into a certain Doors song. A very loud roar from far away rattles the group. Alessandro tells the group to stay in the tents. Dink pulls some attitude but is ignored.

At the outset of the 4th day’s travel, alessandro boosts the moral of the party by telling us we will reach an oasis today. Shortly after, 10 riders on saber tooth tigers crest a dune in front of us. Eltar greets them and meets them. Posing Tiger #1 wonders why Eltar brought a woman into the desert. The tigers become friendly with Dink. Alec becomes concerned. They seem nice enough and invite us to break bread with them. Dink tries to buy a “Smildon” from the mysterious but hospitable folk. They shoot him down like a pigeon at the World National Archer’s Convention.

With two hrs to kill, the UNCHAINED!! Rest at an oasis. At oasis, the unchained learn about not peeing in the pool, the problem: What to do with Gunter!? The men are afraid of the woman. Gunter jumps in water and causes lots of problems. Big cat attacks Gunter. Mendar intercepts. Water must be cleaned. The breaking of the Bread and the band plays on Big party just add water.

We sit and eat and talk. They threaten to kill Mendar and Gunter if reparations are not made. The trial of the beast. He must capture and subdue a tiger-mount. Then the party continues. We are near our destination. Only 2 days South East!!! The sea of Ice is there. There are the Talons of Shalar, which is a great pit in the desert. The temple is visible from the other side. Sea of Ice is night travel only. Burrowers and spirits of the Sand are dangers.

“We would like to avoid certain doom.” -Eltar

A group of ten men was sighted the other day (2 days ago.) Traveling North. Also, magic has been known to “freak out”.

Night passes.

“Now…battle priest. Listen if you want to live.” -Desert Nomads

They put Mendar in a “sacred garment”. Told to “avoid pouncing”. He has to graspt beast and drag to desert sand. Side note: Ritual garb is white “hammer pants” and a white tunic.

Mendar cheats and casts “some spells”, then the battle begins.

He tells the cat that he’d rather not be doing this. Cat tells him to not speak, that it would “just make his death ?seem easier?.”

Mendar goes Berserk.

Chris (looking at his character sheet) “Ben, why am I doing this?”

Battle starts.

It bit him. Then Mendar tries to punch it. He hits it. Then it slashes him across the chest, tearing the Battle Priest Open.

We look up some stuff, then continue. Mendar suddenly remembers to attempt to grab the beast by the scruff of the neck and SUCCEDES! Mendar and the Tiger wrestle about, each trying to out-muscle the other. The Great Cat shakes loose from our battle priest and a singular black cloud forms above the cat with a finger wagging at it (Karmic Retribution). Mendar takes advantage of the moment to grab the cat and hurls it to the ground. He stands proud for a moment, then falls limp to the ground, spent. He has redeemed the trust of the desert people. Melqualm is surprised.

While Mendar recovers with the aid of the Riders, the party prepares for yet another most-dangerous-undertaking-yet.

We travel 2 days, reaching the Sea of Ice. When night falls, we go. Takes us 3 hours to get across. We then come upon a great basin. Shaped in a Talon. We go around.

We see the palace of Tormegai on Oct. 8. It’s a goofy palace, built into the cliff. Huge pillars. Apparently well kept-up. Kind of nice. With a giant head sticking up. It’s buried. It is of monstrous size. It has a football field of quick sand around it. We must find a way across.

Xymox and Mendar work dark magic to control the warped mind of the crazed Dwarf we call Gunter. Will their efforts work or will it be in vain? Will the Unchained find a way across the deadly quick sand? All I know is this chronicler is very tired and the ability to spell has left many hours ago. Today’s Dink Luck daily Pick 3 numbers are 15, 20, 17. Good Luck!

The hypnotism does not work. SURPRISE!!!

Gunter gets tied up.

Dink climbs onto Xymox and Melqualm gives them a shove. As they cross the sand, they see many black snakes in the temple. Xymox asks Dink to dig in his pouch… Dink agrees…

Xymox sets up a rope to get across. Dink and Xymox land. A circle of fire is setup and Xymox meditates in the center of it, with Dink too! Eltar and Mendar cross. Dink and Xymox continue with their ritual. Melqualm makes a safety harness. Everyone crosses.

Marching order is decided and we try the side door. It’s locked. Dink fails at picking the lock, however, thanks to the skills of his pupil, Alic, THE UNCHINAED!! Open the door.

A pale light filters into the “new” chamber, mostly reflected off the bodies of snakes in the last room. The light reflects again off of numerous ancient weapons and armor in the chamber. The contents of this room are very foreign to this well traveled band. Mendar eyes a very nice bow, while Melqualm finds a scroll case. Mendar decides to chuck a bunch of javelins out by our horses and guide so later he can use them to finance his “Desert Shield” project.

Benapt, who had been translating Melqualm’s scroll, piped up with news of consecrated gems. The scroll described an experience extremely similar to our nightmare. (see Appendix A)

The party ventures on through a door (unlocked by Dink) into a barren room similar to the last with yet another door opposite the party. Dink picks another lock, and the party enters a side of a hallway. The party checks out a room like others.

Three curtains in this room.

Between curtains are marble statue and a mummy appears.

Let’s get ready to rumble! (pizza burnt)

Eltar, our leader, runs like a dog between its legs taking most of party with him.

(I type what I read. –Ed.)

Two more mummies appear. Could this be the end of the Unchained???!!!???

Dink is adpet at hitting mummies with torches. Maybe he’s finally found his nitch. Big fire debate ensues.

Hey!!! Dink got a disease and we won!! Fairly easily. Xymox starts sitting around again. Eltar is still scared. Bodies burned.

Appendix A (Deciphered By Benapt)

Your Holiness,

It is with the gravest misgivings that I report to you the successful completion of our quest. The consecrated gems were delivered to the archmage, Tormegai ( blank space). All proper ceremonies were enacted according to your directions, with additional rituals which were performed by Tormegai himself. We stayed in a large room (?) in Tormegai’s (tower? Palace?) for (here the writer denotes a period of time with which I am unfamiliar).

After leaving the (blank) were confronted by a large group of Night-Dwellers (?). Battle ensued and because of our fewer numbers, we were compelled to flee whither we would. But the worst was yet to come.

Two nights after the battle, our entire company was afflicted with a terrible dream, in which both Our Blessed Lady of the Celestial Spheres – Wanton Woman (?) of Shadows were imprisoned in the jewels of Tormegai. The very jewels we have so recently delivered into his keeping! I am struck with horror at the possibility that these jewels – which were intended the Celestial Glory of Our Lady – will instead be used to diminish her power; yet I must perforce entertain the possibility that our encounter with the Night-Dwellers was no mere coincidence…

I entrust this missive to my most faithful Barok, Starwarden of Selune. I myself return with haste to the (blank) of Tormegai. May the Lady’s light join our spirits always.


Maeger Alunden, Moon Watcher of Selune.