April 3rd, 1999 - Why Don’t You Come With Me, Little Girl…


On the walk back to the cliff of Yearning, the Sariam arrive with our horses. Dink makes goo goo eyes with one of the tigers. The Sariam invite the group back to their camp. Everyone settles in for Gunter’s Story.

*See Attached (Appendix B) (Currently Missing)

Gunter joins our quest for a while. Dink tells nomads some bullshit with a stick. It rains that night. We have money issues. Four days later we reach Ascore. It is cold and November. Week anda half later we get near Sundabar.

Five riders approach. Messengers from Lady Alustriel with a message that explodes. Messengars shifts to a dragon with four big wolves. He attacks. His name is Baron Zelban.

Battle. Could this be the end of the unchained? The end.

Mendar “Hey, maybe these guys are wusses.”

Toralon “Oh yeah.. wussy “demons.”

Speed factor not less than 0

Mind devourers attacking Xymox.

Invisible killer bantha attacking Melqualm.

Werewolves attack Xymox.

Zelban attacks Calia.

Calia reaching for coin O’ Divine intervention.

Demon man smites Callia with his blade Saber of Death.

Invisible Death comes for Xymox carrying Melqualm like a rag doll living in the city.

Xymox awaites as the invisible being delivers a mighty blow to Xymox.

Pain of many spears being driven down the shaft of the penis. (?!?!?!)

The life blood of Xymox drains swiftly.

Demons, invisible beings that can kill in one hit.

How will the unchained get out of this one?

Will the black angel of Goodness pull the unchained from the ice hands of death?

Will Dink ever learn how to control his new mystic powers of the mind?

Callia calling upon the power of the magic wands calls forth the power of the sun zombie.

Disintegrate lots of things are blinding the Unchianed Holy light. (?!?!)

Xymox Spiriit leaves in the form of Ben for Taco Bell.

Dink swings in on the carpet of Doom to attack the demon.

The demon looks at Dink with a look of horror (or so Dink thinks) for there isa huge Gold Dragon coming right behind him!!

Eusbias has come!

Eusbias kicks some ass, and Gunter hits for the 1st time.

Melqualm floats slowly to the ground after being SHOT, and Torelan begins driving the magic carpet. Trying to flee the scene with the fallen Melqualm, Torelan gets shot twice (with x-bow bolts) before clearing the cliff.

The two outpace the flying guy, then Torelan sends 3 magic missiles at their assailant, who pulls out a shortbow.

Xymox tries to contact Melqualm, but it fails!

Torelan is then struck down, and moments later, Mendar spies his friend plummeting to the ground and Melqualm floating down.

Dink and Xymox ponder on the fact that they are the only ones left to ponder.

Calia spelled wrong cast dust devil

Xymox goes to front door

Rest of party now Xymox changes mind

We go out back door.

Mendar goes berserk

Xymox goes something nothing happens.

Mendar fights on

Dink hits

They hit with arrows and bullets.

Dink gets hit with poison by Selek

Dink strikes back in fury

Mendar kills a girl

Xymox goes for Disintegration

Tempus smiles on Mendar

Men mess up

Xymox fails.

Dink misses… heroically. Then gets hit.

Not much happens this round but…

The Xylephant hath come!!! AND STOPMS ON Zath. He still lives… for now.

Melqualm hits again.

The Xylephant took down Selek (traitor type)

Xylephant, “Well, now what?”

Dink, as he smears Selek’s blood on his face, “WE FIGHT!”

Dink, shortly after painting blood on himself, “I just covered myself in blood, I can’t move silently!”

The Xylephant reduces a bad guy to goo. Babar almost gets critted.

Dink’s pants fall down in the heat of mortal combat.

Mendar fought 10 berserk rounds of doom! Tempus would be proud. (It’s a first)

He’s tired now.

Xylephant dismembers another victim, then proclaims, “Surrender and we’ll let you live!”

The flying dude gets pissed at Xymox for stealing his line and hits him with an arrow.

Mendar charms a bad guy… “Do you have a bow?”


“Do you know how to use one?”

“No, I’m a musketeer.”

Mendar talks to his buddy and finds out that Sandul hired the group for the Knights of the Shield.

Dink lassos the flying dude, Sandul.

The party suddenly hears cries of HELP and turn to find Gunter has buried himself up to his neck in sand.

Then a shadow passes over us. Turning hteir heads once more, those left standing spy a black dragon! Mendar’s friend runs away.

The dragon, Morcon, demands all that we’ve found. Xymox tells him to help himself. Then an ANGEL of Lathlander scares the dragon and brings Melqualm and Torelan back to full health, then demands the dragon to tell Vethor to stop “messin” with the party.

Good News and Bad News

Good news is Vethor only has 3 sapphires.

Galek has the other 4 (demon in the 7 hells)

Thufan wants the sapphires also.

Rods Powers Are: Inflict Blindess 1/day, Summon Shadows, Darkness At Will, Infra 120’, Protection from Scrying.