Leaving Sword Keep


Left Sword Keep, on the way to Baldur’s Gate. Dink tells guard of dragon by burnt dwarf. He failed and hit Xymox for ruining his tale. Guards grumble. Dink plays Conan on top of bluff. Ophir pelts Dink with stones. Ha Ha. Mendar is drunk. Bluff is 80 feet. Xymox sends cat after mountain lion, then levitates cat and a stick to play with mountain lion. Goes to sleep. Arrived at Baldur’s Gate. Dink , Mendar, and Ophir go to Blush’n Mermaid. Xymox gets The UNCHAINED roster updated.
Mendar starts fight with big guy. Mendar won! {really big exclamation mark here} Dink filled out statement for police and Mendar hid. Mendar bought old drunk an ale. Old drunk told stories. “Back in my daze…”
Next day, we picked up Mendar. Melqualm is mysteriously missing. Went to dock for our parade. Mendar cast silence on the parade to help his hangover. The parade leaves Mendar behind. Mendar tries to catch up and eventually we can hear again. Bastard. We enjoy an eight course meal with Entar Silvershield, the Grand Duke. Grand stories were told of fish covering one –half of the city. Kestor is of the Knights of the Shield who are trying to rule the Sword Coast and are interested in us. Everyone exchanged coins for gems.
The day arrived to go to Waterdeep. It was overcast and rainy. We meet Captain Lannigan. It rained the whole time. Dink attempted a robbery. Xymox taught Ophir to read. Dink stole a clay jug. Eltar got pneumonia. 5th day the rain stopped.
Pirates. Pulled by 4 turtles. Shit. Female wizard, lots of pirates. Deep water. Ophir jumped onto a turtle. Mendar cast berserk and lots of other spells. Dink rolled a 20 against a turtle. We are boarded. Dink does killer backstab. Guy becomes un-invisible and hits Mendar. Dink rolls another 20. Ophir and Mendar can’t hit shit. Xymox has evil wizard girl do a peep show in flight. Dink rolls another 20. WOW. Mendar hit and goes down. Ophir climbed to the other ship up the turtle’s chains. Dink crosses to other ship. Ophir goes down. Dink climbs pose and slides down sail with knife. Xymox saves Mendar. Dink tries to save Ophir. Xymox saves Ophir. Eltar tries to free drowning horses. Zath rolled a 20 and killed head pirate.
Now the turtles are attacking the pirate ship and everybody is frantically working together to unleash the turtles from the boat. Eltar sends falcon after Lady Wizard who’s flying away. Xymox rode his horse off the boat into the water. He didn’t quite make the jump into the other boat. OOPS. Mendar’s in a boat by himself unconscious. Eltar rode his horse into Mendar'’ boat. Xymox swims under sinking boat, and climbs into boat with Eltar, Mendar, and Chuck D. Dutch dies in sinking boat, along with Xymox’s cat and horse and lots of rats and livestock. Falcon rolled a 20. Lady Wizard made falcon cry and fly. Turtles freed and ship flees. Turtles follow. Xymox and Eltar follow even farther behind. Chuck D steps on feet Xymox wants a dog now. Ophir and Dink and Zath on the Spectral Hand. Eltar and Xymox and Mendar make it to shore after 4 days of rowing.